find love

encontrar el amor

It is important that for your children to believe knowing that love is wonderful and what matters most is that they love themselves first, you also need to teach your children that love should not be forced. This way they will be able to have a healthy loving relationship in the future.

What happens to true love is that it’s never forced. That’s why looking for it is counterproductive. Only true love will find you when you don’t try to force it. This is because it is chemistry and that is something that simply cannot be recreated or activated if it does not already exist.

Teach your children to live for themselves and allow love to find them. This will be true and you will have learned to enjoy life without longing for something they don’t have. It’s just one of those kinds of things that the more you look for it, the longer it takes you to find it. And if you’re looking for it too much, it can end up with the wrong person completely.

Don’t be in love with the idea of love

Teach your children the following lesson: If you don’t live for yourself while you’re single, you’ll end up obsessed with the idea of love rather than really wanting a real relationship with someone. You’ll see every guy you know as a potential partner without really knowing why.

The idea of love is great and everything, but it distorts what true love really is. If you live for yourself, love will come and it will be a kind of realistic love that you can enjoy for the rest of your life if you are lucky.

Living for you and allowing love to find you is the best possible route a person can take if that’s what he wants. If love is the end of the game, then live for you and it will come.