World Usability Day

Today is World Usability Day, a concept perhaps unknown to most families. However, this is something that can greatly favor families and therefore we do not want to miss the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the concept of usability. In order to understand what this curious word means, we need to focus more on the technological field.

Although the term usability is not yet included in the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, it is very common in the world of technology. To define it in a simple way, the concept of usability refers to the ease with which a person can use a certain tool, to achieve a specific purpose. As well as the study of the real and simplified effectiveness of the object in particular.

World Usability Day

With the aim of making people’s lives simpler, so that anyone can easily use each and every tool for everyday use, World Usability Day originated. This day is celebrated every second Thursday of November each year. Since its inception in 2005, more and more countries have joined this initiative by organizing different activities.

Technology is part of our daily lives, so it is essential that it be something accessible to all users. It is not conceived that a tool created to improve people’s lives, becomes a cause of anxiety because of the difficulty of not knowing how to use it correctly. Therefore, the principles of usability are based on four pillars.

  1. User research: People who use the products are ultimately the ones who canprovide dataon this element.
  2. Usability testing: There must be an importantstudy process before the usabilityof each technological material designed for domestic use.
  3. The fundamentals of information architecture: A discipline based on theorganization and labeling of various elementsthat make up information. So, everyone can have easy access to them.
  4. Heuristic Assessment: Which consists ofexamining and evaluating the effectivenessand quality of tools included in technological objects and materials.

How the principle of usability benefits families

Today’s society lives glued to an electronic device with an Internet connection. Products that everyone can access in a fairly simple way. That is, anyone carries a computer in their pocket with connection to the most powerful network in the world. However, for many of those people using and performing that powerful tool is a challenge.

There are countless applications of all kinds, to play, to learn, to look for work, partner or friends, among many other options. In fact, all major companies in the world have their own application . Banking institutions, fashion firms and any midsize company that wants to have an important presence.

But in order for all such applications and computer tools to be practical for users, or families in this case, there must be an important study of the usability of such tools. Since being able to check bank movements from your mobile phone, the notes that your child’s guardian leaves you in the school app or to buy through an on-line shop, is a powerful way to make life easier for everyone.

Especially at these times when the world is experiencing a very serious health crisis due to Covid-19, it is essential that users have the ability to easily access and manage all the technological tools that are at hand. Home confinements, teleworking, homeschool or make the purchase through the Internet. As well as being able to see the people you want through a screen, it is possible thanks to the fact that all these technological tools go through an increasingly important usability study.