dia mundial oceanos

Children generally associate the ocean with holidays, with long days on the beach enjoying the holidays, sun and water on hot summer days. However, the oceans are much more than that. Its fundamental role in the life of living beings is so important that on June 8 each year World Oceans Day is celebrated.

A date marked in the calendar with a very clear objective, to raise society’s awareness of the importance of caring for and protecting the oceans. From the oceans you get most of the oxygen we need to breathe, so they are considered to be the lungs of the planet. The way to treat the oceans, is finished with a lot of the fauna found inside. They are contaminated, used as landfills, and all this is putting the planet’s survival at risk.

To make children aware of the importance of protecting the oceans, you can do different activities with them. In this way, in addition to enjoying the water, the waves and the fun of beach days, the little ones will be more aware of the importance of caring for the oceans. So, when you spend a day together on the beach, children will remember that they have to collect all the waste and leave everything perfect.

Activities to celebrate World Oceans Day

More than 5,000 Los Angeles kids, teachers and volunteers form a massive kid designed shark and shield to say «Defend the Sea» from everyday plastic trash as part of the 19th annual Kids Ocean Day Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up sponsored by the Malibu Foundation, City of Los Angeles and the California Coastal Commission in Los Angeles June 7, 2012. The kids are alerting the world about the need to protect the ocean from the everyday trash and plastic litter that flow down streets, killing marine life and polluting food resources. Handout Photo by Lou Dematteis/Spectral Q

If you have the ocean or the sea close to home and have the possibility to travel, as this year the measures imposed in the fight against Covid-19 reduce mobility, arrange a day trip to the beach. It is not about taking children to the beach to play. It is about doing an educational activity, so that children know more details of the ocean and learn very valuable things.

Once there, you can do different activities such as cleaning the sand on the beach and collecting any possible waste you will find there. You can also explain to children that thousands of animal and plant species live at the bottom of the ocean. As well as the organisms that are part of the planet and that play a fundamental role in such important aspects as the detection of Covid-19.

Remember that it is essential that fathers and mothers should be the best example for children. Your children will behave as they see you do, be the best mirror for your children. When you finish activities at sea, remember to collect all possible waste that may be left. Make sure to place a trash bag in a protected area, but that is accessible to children. In this way children can get inside everything you need to throw away, such as empty water bottles, soft drinks or snacks or napkins they can use.


You can also collect different materials with which later at home, you can make different crafts. A very easy idea to make and perfect for this occasion, is a diorama of the sea floor, in the link we leave you some ideas and step by step to realize this craft with children. For this activity, you will need to collect different seashells, small stones, beach sand or seaweed, for example.

A diorama is a model made at scale, in it, you can include real materials and others created by hand. This is something more fun than a simple drawing, as it includes moving figures, different textures and a more realistic composition than it is about replicating. The marine diorama is perfect for children to know different types of fauna and flora that inhabits at the bottom of the oceans and seas.

If you do not have the possibility to go to the beach, you can create all the materials at home with the help of children. The idea is that they can learn important things about the oceans and their importance to life. Thus, they will be more aware of what they can do to preserve and care for them as responsible persons.