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It’s time to renovate closets and prepare for the autumn winter 2017 /2018 season. Temperatures will start to drop and the rhythms of the family have changed: now the kids are getting up early and it’s good to have everything very organized.

The clothes stored in place, snacks or lunch fruit, and the best of intentions to make the days pleasant and we all get the best out of coexistence and obligations. I don’t know if you have guessed it, but this post is about children’s fashion for this season, but we will also tell you some tricks to successfully tackle that mission that seems impossible but is not so difficult, it’s about changing wardrobe.

Children’s fashion for the season we premiere

Niña sonriendo con abrigo negro

In case you don’t know, our fashion, the Spanish children’s fashion is a trend and not only in this country, it is noticing the commitment of designers, manufacturers and brands. This season you will wear garments two in one when the coldest season starts, and the predominant colors will be warm and natural (with predominance of beige), but also different shades of green (such as turquoise or mint). The wardrobe of girls and boys can be filled without problems with pictures and prints, because they will be of rabid topicality.

And as for the forms we will see some Asian influences, jackets, crossed coats, skirts or trousers with straps, pique girl dresses and urban dresses. Attention is drawn to the presence of quilting and clothing ‘casual’.

Change locker because we changed stations.

Hermanos en un puente

It seems like a titanic task, but you’re going to do it: with a little organization (and determination) within a week the whole family will have the Fall/Winter clothes perfectly folded in drawers or hung on hangers, ready to wear. Believe me, it’s a bad idea to mix clothes from different seasons because it takes a lot longer to find what we want to wear every day, it’s worth spending a few hours washing and storing in boxes (until next spring), and selecting last winter clothes that still serve kids.

In addition to arranging, we need to buy again pants, jackets, party dresses for girls, boots, etc., well be practical, you have several options: buy online stores from the comfort of your home; look for shops in your neighborhood (it is not necessary to take the car to go to large areas) are not always as expensive as we think; take advantage that you go to the sports store and get the ball to get your tracksuit.

It is very important that you make sure the size, because girls and boys will have grown a few centimeters, try them before or check the size by measuring and taking into account the indications of the online commerce to know the size.

And of course, it is also allowed to accept donated garments, for sure you have friends or family with children older than yours who don’t want to throw away those skirts that look new, nor barely worn wool hats.