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If you’re wondering why your child is left-handed, find out if there’s a left-handed in the family. And if one of the parents is left-handed, his descendant is more likely to inherit this tendency. At least that is what some experts say, others argue that it is simply a matter of chance.

What it seems is that the causes of left-hander are neurological. Being left-handed or right-handed is decided by the brain, and in this it has a lot to do that a father or mother is. But there are those who give the left-hander a genetic explanation: the absence or presence of a gene, specifically the LRRMT1 gene.All these possibilities we will talk to you in this article, but first we will explain what it is to be left-handed.

What is a left-handed child?


A boy or girl is left-handed when he manages his left hand better, to develop a series of basic activities such as writing, grabbing, reaching, playing, etc. But remember that up to age 4, children handle equally one hand than another. And you can also be right-handed and eye, but left-handed leg, is what is called cross-laterality.

What is very important if you have a left-handed boy or girl is that:

  • The left-hander is not a disease. It has existed since man is man, in all civilizations and evolutionary processes. There are more left-handed whites, Asians and Hispanics.
  • It cannot and should not be corrected, since it is an issue that is organically determined from birth.
  • This phenomenon occurs more in males than in females. Between 8 and 13 percent of the world’s population is left-handed. And in Europe the left-handed country is the United Kingdom followed by Holland and Belgium.
  • The brain is the one who dominates the left-hander.

Possible causes of left-hander

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There are several theories in this. Genetics seems to be the most common cause of left-handed, as it is most common in children whose families have left-handed members. Having the LRRMT1 gene reverses the cerebral laterality. If we follow a genetic line, four regions of DNA have been identified that were powerfully related to the left-hander. Three of the regions are inside or influence genes that encode proteins involved in brain development and design.

Another theory speaks of testosterone. Having higher doses of testosterone at 8 weeks after gestation, when male genitalia form, can help the baby become left-handed. Also stress during gestation can cause injury to one of the hemispheres, specifically in the left, which originates to left-handed children.


, ultrasound, or scans performed during pregnancy can affect the fetus’s brain causing the left-hander to develop. This is not yet proven, but there are several open ways of research in this regard.

Advantages and curiosities of left-handed children


Before we talk about the advantages, we will say that society is not made for left-handers, so they have to adapt. A left-handed child will be forced to learn how to deal with scissors, pens, sharpeners and desks designed for right-handers, and will have to develop manual ambidextrous skills to work out. They are also more creative, among other things, because they have the right hemisphere more developed. Some left-handed geniuses have been Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Escher, Durer, Mark Twain, H G Wells.

In some sports such as football, tennis or boxing, left-handers, when competing with right-handers have advantages that the latter do not have, and they are dislocated. Some emblematic left-handed athletes are Lionel Messi, Diego Armando Maradona, Pelé and Rafael Nadal. But, there are other sports that is not allowed to use the left hand, such as hockey and polo.

The left and right side of the brain dealing with language works more coordinated in left-handed children. So these can be better for verbal tasks.