Attractions about pregnancy

‘m sure you’ve wondered why some days your baby moves less, or let’s say you notice it less. The first thing we want to tell you is that every baby has its own rhythm. Throughout the pregnancy you will have noticed how of those bubbles of the beginning, which almost looked like gas, you have gone through a real battle and again everything has relaxed.

If you’re in the final stage it’s normal for you to feel like your baby is moving less, he’s taking advantage of it to sleep more and get ready for the next job. However, we tell you what other factors can influence the baby’s movement.

Reasons why moves less

Two common reasons why the baby moves less is because of the weight of the mother or if you are already in the last weeks of gestation when she has less space to do so.

Fetuses of mothers with less weights are more active than those with a kilo of more. It may be because they have more room to move or just that the mother feels them more.

The other factor to consider is the gestation stage you are at. In the end the baby’s movements are reduced. This is because of the lack of space and because it is already being placed in the womb, preparing for childbirth.

In addition to these reasons, as we said to you at first, each fetus has its own rhythm, its own schedule and over the months you will have noticed. Generally speaking fetuses move more during the mother’s rest period, and are more active in the afternoon and evening than in the morning. There are some who sleep more than others, who are more restless… anyway.

If the topic makes you very nervous or overwhelmed, talk to the doctor, he better than anyone will be able to guide you and do the tests you need in case of doubt.

Other causes for the baby not to move so much

We know that if the baby moves it means that it is well oxygenated and correctly stimulated, that is why it is so important for us to feel it, is the confirmation of its correct neuromuscular development. On the contrary, the absence or significant decrease of these movements may indicate certain health problems such as hypoglycemia, aging placenta or inadequate nutrition.

It is also possible that if you have myomoas, you are taking antidepressant medication, or if the placenta is placed on the anterior face of the uterus, you may feel more muffled movements. Other common causes are: smoking, drinking alcohol, some sedative medication, maternal stress itself or having spent a long period of time standing on that day or, on the contrary, having done unusual physical activity.

If you notice a drastic reduction in your child’s movement, go to the doctor. You may order a stress-free test or biophysical profile, plus an ultrasound to measure the level of amniotic fluid and check your child’s well-being.

What should I do if my baby moves less?

If throughout the day you notice that your baby is moving less or differently try to decrease your activity and relax. Eating something, especially something with glucose will also help him to be active. Gynecologists recommend lying on the left side to feel the fetus better. If you still don’t get your movements back then you’d better go to the ER.

Surely everything is left in a scare, but it is desirable that they monitor the heart of the fetus for a long time to check that everything is fine. If they recommend an additional ultrasound, do not be alarmed.

There are also popular beliefs that boys move more than girls, that the moon influences fetuses to be more nervous, who knows!

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