Momento para hacer test de embarazo

Time to do pregnancy test

If you’ve never had a pregnancy test, you may be wondering when is the best time to get a pregnancy test to avoid false results.

Homemade pregnancy tests are the most commonly used method to detect a pregnancy within a few weeks. That is why millions of women around the world first resort to these tests and then, if they test positive, make an appointment with the doctor.

Date and pregnancy

The home pregnancy test is the most effective method to detect a pregnancy at home. It is a method that measures the presence of pregnancy hormone, called chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone that rises when a woman becomes pregnant, reaching a specific parameter that allows to account for the state.


good thing about these tests is that they allow to detect the presence of the hormone very early, If until a few years ago you had to wait several weeks to find out if a woman was pregnant, today pregnancy tests have become very effective and detect the hormone immediately. When is the best time to get a pregnancy test?

Depending on the pregnancy test, there are tests that allow the detection of chorionic gonodatropin just a couple of weeks after fertilization. Others require a few more weeks. Ideally, however, is to perform the pregnancy test a few days after a delay occurs in the period.

Hormones and results

The big question then is what is the best date to do the pregnancy test if the market offers tests that ensure the results in a few weeks. While these tests are reliable, to avoid false pregnancy test results it is best to wait until, in case of pregnancy, hormones have reached the minimum level of detection. Something that happens once a delay in the period is detected. This occurs precisely because there is a hormonal disturbance that modifies the entire reproductive system. The absence of the period is a great indicator.

Momento para hacer test de embarazo

While there are some exceptions, when choosing the best time to do the pregnancy test, the ideal is to lower anxiety and wait at least a month after conception. This will give you a margin of assurance that the result is reliable.


should be borne in mind that the hormone HCG begins to be produced from the ninth day after conception. Then, it increases significantly in subsequent weeks. If the pregnancy test is done too early, the hormone may not be detected yet. Especially if we talk about women with irregular cycles who do not know the exact ovulation date.

Pregnancy test and analysis

Beyond the ideal time to take the pregnancy test, you should know that pregnancy tests are quite accurate. Positive results are rare to be false, although the opposite can happen. A negative test may be positive due to a low hormone record that is subsequently noticed in a blood test.

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In case of a negative result, it is possible to repeat the test within a few days in case it was a positive pregnancy but with a hormonal level too low that was not detected in the first test. Another option is to perform a laboratory analysis through which the presence of the hormone HCG is detected more accurately. This is done by analyzing the first urine in the morning.Or doing a blood test.

Even if the pregnancy test was positive, it is always important to perform a blood test to detect the hormonal level of HCG because there are cases in which although the test is positive the hormonal level is very low and it is anembryonic pregnancies, ie pregnancies in which the sac has formed but there is no embryo, something quite frequent. Sometimes, when the pregnancy test is performed, the positive is indicated with the two pink stripes of a much softer tone, barely visible at times.