Sexo del bebé

Baby Sex

Nowadays most parents want to know the sex of their baby before birth, although there are parents who still respect the surprise either by their personality or some kind of belief. Knowing the sex of your baby before birth is a fact that can already be accurately consulted since ultrasound exists.

Knowing when it is time to observe your sex can be determined around the 20th week of gestation with ultrasound. Although there are more accurate and reliable methods so you can know more safely. For all your doubts we will show you below.

When is it known if your baby is a boy or girl?

To know exactly the sex of your baby and being pregnant, you should wait towards the middle of the pregnancy. This is because your genitals are not sufficiently formed and visible so that it can be accurately determined, and it is reaching 4 months of gestation.

At this time, some genitals can be visualized by ultrasound quite already visible. It is easier to distinguish the female sex by the absence of the penis and sometimes you can even visualize the labia majora.

Sexo del bebé

Researchers at the University of Granada created a test that also determined the sex of the baby from the 8th week of gestation and through a mother’s blood test. It is only possible to do this test when the mother is a carrier of some hereditary or genetic disease and needs to know as soon as possible the sex of her baby. If this test you want to know on your own there are private clinics where you can apply.

Amniocentesis and chorial biopsy are two other tests that can safely confirm sex, but it should be noted that these are invasive tests and are recommended only when there is a risk of chromosome abnormalities.

Home tricks to know the sex of your baby

There are popular beliefs that predict whether he is a boy or girl. It is something that is tempting, but it cannot be clear for sure that it can give a reliable result. Apart from these myths there are home tests that can predict the sex of the baby, but we return to the same, there are medical research that does not give these results for good. However, we review the best known ones:

  • Signs to know if she is a girl: If the expectant mother has a high tummy, having a lot of morning nausea, a lot of acne, being very stressed with high levels of cortisol before you get pregnant, or have a lot of mood swings during pregnancy.

Sexo del bebé

  • Signs that indicate you are a child: If your belly has a much lower tummy, craving for salty and not sweet food, have much healthier hair and skin, and/or have a more stable mood without those mood swings.
  • As home solutions we can do a urine test: we will throw a little urine into a glass containing bicarbonate. If she reacts and bubbles, she is a boy and if she doesn’t react, she’s a girl.
  • The red cabbage test: Boil pieces of red cabbage in plenty of water for 10 minutes. Then we will add the urine in the first hour of the morning, if it turns pink clarito is a boy and if it turns purple it is girl.
  • The calendar test: can be done when you have a very regular menstruation. To do this you need to know the exact day of ovulation, whether it has been maintained on the day of ovulation or later days is indicative that you can be a child. If you have had relationships days before ovulation, the probability may be as a girl.

They are just tricks and beliefs that do not have a great guarantee, as the best answer to this is to have an ultrasound on the appointed days. It will be the best indication to review the exact sex of your baby.