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I don’t know if at any point it happened to you. An open closet and your son or daughter with a terrible tantrum because he wants to choose his clothes. Well, in the face of this situation in mothertoday we want to give you some help, and feel complicit in your frustration, because sometimes boys and girls can become really stubborn.

It’s not about good or bad taste. Your child does not attend to an aesthetic question, but to a desire to wear this or that garment, because in his imaginary he likes, reminds him of a superhero or just looks like the one worn by his best friend.

Age and benefits of choosing your clothes

From the age of two is when they and them, it is not a gender issue, begin to express their opinion and this must be taken into account. Expressions like: I don’t like this, I don’t want it, it itches me, it hurts me, they start to be habitual. Sometimes these are expressions of whim, but most often children know what they feel most comfortable with, so listen to them. Oh! and all ages it is possible to wear eco-friendly clothing, we leave you here an article about this type of garments, which carry an added responsible consumption value.

It is very important that you look after him and that you open his decision capacity to him. Those who were young did not have the opportunity to choose, it is harder for them to know how to do so in adolescence, when decisions begin to become important. Choosing clothes, and feeling confirmed in it, is an important exercise in self-esteem.

We, as mothers, should also reflect on whether we care more about the “what will our relatives or neighbors say” about how our child is dressed, for example those Paw Patrol flip flops in the cousin’s communion do not stick anything, or have given him the freedom to decide to him or her. Here we have to put in place our own tolerance and our sense of ridiculous.

Tactics and strategies for them to choose their clothes

Here are some ideas, see what you think. You can tell him: choose today what you would like to wear to go to the park, and we’ll see if it can be. From the beginning, make it clear that you have the last word. If you choose a short-sleeved T-shirt in the middle of January, make it clear that later you will have to go to the doctor.

Another strategy you can follow is to take it shopping and have the boy or girl choose. You can start with smaller things, their underwear, pajamas, their accessories, and then take into account what street clothes you want to wear. It is good to explain to them, according to our cultural context, that each garment has an occasion.

Sometimes friends and children’s own tastes make a t-shirt of this or that character pass in a matter of weeks from number one to the drawer of oblivion. In this case remind your child how much he liked and learn to explain why he doesn’t want to take her now. You can offer you the opportunity to put it at home, or to visit this or that friend.

Gradually you will realize that dressing is a way to show others your own image.

I don’t want to wear my brother’s clothes

It is very common for two circumstances to occur. That the brothers want to be dressed just like each other. Especially the small or small as the older. Or that just happens the opposite situation that one does not want to be or resemble the other. There is no ideal solution to this, but listen and be attentive. An intermediate solution may be to dress them coordinated. This works mostly as a boy and a girl. Thus each will maintain their identity while feeling integrated.

On the Internet we found an idea that I found interesting. Brothers combined in addition, for example, Superman and Superwoman t-shirt, from the protagonists who like them most. Same model, if necessary, but each of the color you prefer.

We hope that with these ideas we have helped you better manage those domestic crises of I don’t wear it! I don’t want to! which we’ve all been through.