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We all want to be beautiful always, but beauty is always relative and sometimes, depending on the occasion, whether or not our appearance is suitable can determine that others, or even ourselves, look or not beautiful.

However, this is the aesthetic definition of beauty, being beautiful at a certain time, in a span of time and space. Actually, what can we do to always be beautiful?What does it really mean to be beautiful?

Definition of the Royal Spanish Academy

From the lat. vappa ‘rascal, rogue; cf. handsome ‘quarreling man’.

  1. adj. good looking.
  2. adj. grommed, well dressed.
  3. adj. coloq. Bouncy, bizarre and resolute, who despises the dangers and assuming them.
  4. adj. coloq. U. in vocative, empty meaning, as an expression of affection, sometimes with retintin or with tone of irr tation. Shut up a little, handsome.

That is, if we listen to the etymology of the word, being beautiful, has more to do with a dicharachero character, lively and determined than with the perfect factions or the size we wear.

Does that mean you don’t have to make up or dress well to be beautiful?


means that it is not entirely necessary, because within the definitions comes to be well-looking and grooming or well-dressed. What is important to note is that being beautiful is also related to your character. You need to be daring and cheerful, a cold and sad woman, she is not a really beautiful woman.

The really important thing to be pretty is to feel good about yourself. To be beautiful you need to have fun and relate in a healthy way with your children, with your partner, with your friends and coworkers.

You can be pretty with a pants and shirt in the office, or with the oldest clothes you find to be at home playing with the little ones and painting. Your partner won’t care if you wear silk or cotton stockings, while they make you feel good and feel like looking good in their company.

Since pregnancy your body has changed so much that you really don’t feel comfortable with yourself

No matter how much your body changes, it is essential that you take care of that body and your self-esteem above your physical appearance.

A pregnancy changes us inside and out, we are no longer that person who had no children and we must accept that that includes physical changes. Sometimes they are even temporary changes, since there are diets and exercises that can help you, if not to look more like the one before, at least to feel better about yourself.

Why is it important to feel like a beautiful mother?

Because our children will learn from our example, and their self-esteem is going to be linked to how we show them that we feel about ourselves. If we give in to social pressure that tells us that we are too fat or skinny or tall or low, they will, too.

It is very important for the child to feel that his kind nature, his games and joys are respected since his education begins from birth and his aesthetics is part of his personality and therefore of that nature. If we recall Rousseau’s pedagogical project, it is important that we highlight his claim to respect human nature in its freedom and spontaneity. That’s why it’s essential for your children to have the right example, that you respect your own freedom and be spontaneous. It is essential for its development and also, that is true beauty, being natural, one, happy and satisfied with its appearance and life.

But that I look pretty, doesn’t mean that the others are going to do it too

That is not so at all, for the following reasons:

  • Your child will always think that you are the most beautiful mother in the world, because he sees in you all that beauty that exists in every good gesture you have with him.
  • Your partner will look pretty for exactly the same reason, because he sees every gesture of love you have and values it, that makes him see you as the prettiest woman in the world.
  • Your friends will look pretty because you make them have good times and because they value that you’re also in the bad guys.

divertirse es sano

Because you have to remember that being beautiful is much more than pretty hair, a doll’s face and heart attack legs. To be really beautiful, you just have to be you and enjoy it.