Educación Especial

Special Education

You’ve probably reached this point where you’ve discovered that your child needs special education. Surely you have to look for a place where you get the best care and education. Many parents go through this process after assessing their children and finding out if they have any kind of disability. For many families it is a procedure that is not easy and many centers do not approve the child having to go to a specialized center.

However, these General Education Centres approve and recognize that the child has a disability but does not give up to them being able to go to specialized centres. In this case, these centres are not responsible for providing a special education service, but perhaps they can approve a particular teacher for their care.

When the center refuses to evaluate your child

If in the first case the center refuses to evaluate your child, there are two possibilities that can be done immediately:

  • Information can be requested from the school system on the policies that are implemented on the special education of each institution. There are material and documents describing the steps parents need to determine to make other decisions if the center has been challenging.
  • Communicating with the PTI (Parent Training and Information Center), is a Parent Training and Information Center where parents will be able to learn more about how this type of special education can be given and where, what are their rights and responsibilities before the law. From here you can describe what steps can be taken.

Educación Especial

If your child is already chosen for special education

Your child can now be integrated into a special education center and from here are the instructions and steps to meet the individual’s needs. It will be determined that this type of education starts from a specialized and regular classes for its development. The center will be determined where you can go for your course to begin.

It should be

known that such special services were provided at no cost, since by law all children who need to go to public schools must do so and receive a kind of education, whether special or not, but that it is public and free of charge.

The next step will be that the student will be evaluated by the Individualized Educational Program (IED) where the type of education they will need will be designed. The IEP has two purposes: for the child to achieve all the goals they need for their learning and development, and to provide them with all services and support that can be offered.

These students will receive an education where a range of services are provided, including speech and language therapies, physical and occupational therapy, counseling and psychology services. You can also offer some kind of transport to go to the center.

What happens when parents disagree for a special education?

Educación Especial

If your child has been chosen to attend a special education center and the parents disagree, they can oppose them with full agreement. There is no obligation even if the child is attending and wants to cancel his course at any time.

However, if parents later decide to revisit the child’s special education, they will have to repeat the initial evaluation process.

If they decide that the child has to attend a general education centre, they must be respected in every way. Just evaluate that your child’s learning method will be different from the rest and ensure that the child does not feel overtaken and overwhelmed at any time.

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