Pregnant toothache

Dolor de muelas embarazada

Sciatica is quite common and usual during pregnancy. This is a strong pain that extends from the hip to the legs. In some cases, the pains are so strong that the pregnant woman can neither get up or walk.

The truth is that it is quite annoying and prevents the pregnant woman from being able to do certain daily activities. Then we tell you why it is produced and the best way to treat it.

Sciatica during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman will undergo a number of quite important physical changes. One of the same consists in the increase of the uterus that can get to press on the sciatic nerve. Such pressure will lead to severe pains in the lower body, from the hip to the legs.

Sciatica refers to the pain and tingling that occurs in the lower part of the body due to the pressure that the sciatic nerve will receive. Studies indicate that almost half of pregnant women suffer from sciatica and occurs more often in those who sleep badly or have had back problems before pregnancy.

What symptoms a pregnant woman has sciatica

Symptoms of sciatica are various, from tingling in the legs, pricking or severe pains. In the most severe cases, the pain is so strong that it makes it impossible for the pregnant woman to be able to move. Such pains can occur in the part of the side, in the legs or go around the entire lower body.

Sciatica in the most severe cases is difficult to cope as the woman can not walk because of the intense pain she suffers. This problem usually manifests itself in a mild way and with days worsen. If you notice that the pains are getting worse it is important to see a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.


How to treat sciatica during pregnancy

several ways to relieve severe pain caused by sciatica. Resting and applying heat to the affected body part, it is important to relieve pains and recover as soon as possible. Despite the discomfort and pains, experts on the subject advise to do a series of exercises to treat such a problem.

At other times the simple change of the baby inside the womb can mean an important relief for the pregnant woman. Physical exercise is advisable as long as it is done in a progressive and coordinated manner by a professional. Unfortunately, sciatica can take about 3 or 4 weeks until the woman can return to a completely normal life.

If you notice that the pain is too intense and annoying, it is advisable to see the doctor to send you relaxants and painkillers that help reduce pain. Apart from all this, some professionals advise to do complementary treatments such as massage or chiropractic. Everything is little so that the damn sciatica can disappear as soon as possible.

In many cases, the arrival of good weather and good temperatures helps reduce pain and sciatica usually disappears quickly. When it comes to preventing sciatica during pregnancy it is good to have good hygiene when it comes to posture, avoid weight gain and do some physical exercise.

Luckily, sciatica usually goes away once it gives birth. In the meantime, it is good to follow a series of tips that can help relieve the severe pains of this problem in the lower body. If the pain is quite incapacitating and prevents you from walking, do not hesitate to go to the doctor to follow an appropriate treatment that allows you to end that attack of sciatica.