House rules for children

House rules are the essential rules that children must learn in order for peace to reign in the home. Although better said, compliance is not just a matter of children. In fact, it is the elders who have to set an example and follow the rules governing family coexistence. In this way, children will learn to fulfill them and respect them like everyone else.

The world is full of rules, so it is very important that children learn to live together on the basis of rules. Since in any of the areas of everyday life, they will have to deal with such rules that make coexistence fairer for all. At home, standards should be set according to family needs; however, there are some that are repeated in every household.

House rules that will help you educate your children

House rules may vary depending on the behavior of children, and even the needs that the family may have. However, some rules are so basic that they should prevail, such as respect for others or collaboration in household tasks. It is about helping children understand that coexistence is better if everyone respects certain rules. Because in this way, your needs will also be met by others.

Here are the fundamental house rules:

  1. Greet and say goodbye: Greeting when you come home, or enter a trade, is a basic rule of coexistence that will help children to relate socially. As well as politely say goodbye when someone else leaves or leaves.
  2. Respect the turn of the word: Even if you are eager to participate in the conversation and it is very important what you have to say. You always have to ask for the time and respect the turn of the word of others.
  3. Do not shout, or use unsounding words: Not even when we are angry, screams and ugly words only serve to hurt. As a family we love each other and always talk without screaming.
  4. At the table you have to sit well: Not getting up before others, even if the meal is finished before anyone else. Everyone stays on the table until all the food is finished.
  5. Housework is for everyone: Everyoneand depending on their capabilities, has to collaborate on household choresto make the home comfortableand cozy for everyone.
  6. Ask forgiveness: Whenwe misbehave or do something that should not be done, we have to ask forgiveness from the heart.
  7. Be thankful: And give thankswhen others help us , be generous to us or in any way make our life easier.
  8. Ask permission: When we want to play with something from others,or we want to see some drawings on TVor catch something that is not ours, we must always ask permission.

Other house rules that will help in the education of children

Life is full of rules that must be adhered to, something that can be difficult for children to understand. However, teaching them to comply with all these standards is fundamental to their development. Another type of rules that children need to learn, are those that must be met when you are away from home. Both for your own safety and that of others.

For example, it is very important for small children to learn traffic rules. So they understand the right place to cross the road, interpret the colors of the traffic lights to change sidewalk , or how they should be placed in the car, either sitting on your child restraint system or with the seat belt tightly fastened.

In short, it is that children learn to work through life in an orderly way. Learning to relate politely and correctly with others. Learning these rules will not only favor them in coexistence at home, but what, will accompany them throughout their professional and personal life.