Both fish and seafood are two foods that can not be missing in anyone’s diet including pregnant women. Such foods provide healthy omega-3 fats that are beneficial to the health of the fetus.

In spite of this, pregnant women should avoid eating raw fish and seafood in addition to not taking large fish due to the presence of mercury. In the following article we talk about the dangers and risks of eating seafood during pregnancy.

The danger of mercury in pregnancy

Mercury is an environmental pollutant that is present in certain fish and shellfish. If the pregnant woman consumes fish or seafood with mercury, it can pass through the placenta causing certain brain damage to the fetus that may become irreversible.


should be noted that not all types of seafood and fish are prohibited. There are seafood in which the presence of mercury is low or almost non-existent so it can be eaten without any problems. This is the case with prawns, prawns, mussels or clams.

If it is fish or shellfish with a presence of mercury considered to be average, experts advise moderate consumption without exceeding.

No raw seafood

It is important to note that pregnant women can eat seafood without any problem, as long as it is perfectly cooked and are not spent at the time of consumption. The problem usually occurs with raw seafood as it may contain certain toxic substances that can be quite harmful to the baby’s health.

Molluscs such as octopus or squid should be perfectly cooked, to avoid the famous anisakis. Such a parasite could endanger the life of the fetus that forms in the mother’s womb.


Some tips when eating seafood during the

  • The seafood that you are going to consume during pregnancy should be perfectly cooked. In the case of eating it away from home, it is important not to go to restaurants that do not inspire you anything to trust. It is quite dangerous to eat seafood that has not been well cooked, especially for the health of the baby that is forming and developing inside.
  • Despite all the nutrients it possesses for both the pregnant woman and the fetus itself, it is advisable not to abuse it when it comes to eating it and always doing it in a moderate way.
  • In the case of consuming it at home it is good to freeze the seafood itself for about three days. In this way parasites are killed as is the case of anisakis.
  • When eating seafood it is important not to suck the heads of prawns and prawns. Inside the pampering is a substance that is rich in cadmium, a type of metal that can be dangerous to the health of the pregnant woman and her own child.
  • Experts advise eating seafood and fish either grilled or cooked. This way there is no risk that shellfish will contain bacteria that are dangerous for the proper development of pregnancy.

In short, nutrition is essential when it comes to having a pregnancy without any problems. Many pregnant women have doubts whether they can eat some seafood and fish during the gestation process. Most seafood is not dangerous as long as it is eaten moderately and perfectly cooked. The danger arises in the case of consuming raw fish and seafood. It is also necessary to be very careful with those types of fish that have large amounts of mercury. Apart from this, if you consume both seafood and fish in a moderate way and without passing, there is no problem for the baby’s own health.