Prohibited foods for pregnant women

Food plays a fundamental role in the development of the fetus, so pregnant women should follow a number of nutritional advice to the letter. Just as some nutrients are essential, there are many foods that are harmful during pregnancy and can compromise the baby’s development.

Your midwife or doctor following your pregnancy will provide you with a number of guidelines to follow when it comes to eating. Although in some cases, these guidelines are too light and many pregnancies encounter doubts throughout the gestation about foods you may or may not eat. Today we will see what are those foods that should not be consumed by pregnant women.

What pregnant women can NOT eat

Everything you take during your pregnancy can directly affect your child’s development. Many of the foods you eat normally can be harmful to your baby, so it is essential that you pay close attention to what you eat, especially when you do it away from home. Take good note of the list below and you can review it whenever you have doubts.

Soft cheeses, blues and those that are unpasteurized

Within this list are:

  • Blue cheeses: roquefort or gorgonzola
  • Soft cheeses: like camembert, brie cheese
  • Unpasteurized: mozzarella or feta cheese

These types of cheese are dangerous during pregnancy due to the significant risk of contracting diseases such as Listeria. This disease is produced by the bacterium “litera monocytogenes” that is present in the bacterial flora of the cow, among other less dangerous bacteria. Raw milk or unpasteurized cheeses contain these types of bacteria that can seriously compromise the baby’s health and the continuity of pregnancy.

Large-sized fish

Among them are tuna, swordfish, a shell, mackerel or pike. All these fish can contain large doses of mercury, a substance very dangerous for the brain development of the fetus and therefore pregnant women should be avoided. In addition to other substances that can damage the endocrine system of the future baby.

Raw fish and meat

Uncooked food can contain different substances very dangerous for the development of the baby, in the case of raw fish the main danger is anisakis. In the case of undermade or raw meat, there are different risks although the main ones are listeria and toxoplasmosis.

If you do not want to give up the consumption of these products, what specialists recommend is to freeze for 24-48 hours the food before consuming it. The ultra-frost eliminates those bacteria and dangerous substances which will allow you to take it without taking risks. However, although the regulations require restaurants to take this measure, it is preferable to avoid taking raw, smoked or brine fish and meat.

Liver pate

The liver is a food with a high content of retinol or vitamin A, in a high percentage, it can be harmful to the baby. However, you need a fair intake of this vitamin that you can find in plant foods such as carrots or pumpkin.

Raw egg and homemade mayonnaise

The danger lies in the risk of getting salmonellosis, a disease caused by salmonella bacteria. This bacterium is found in raw egg, so any product prepared with this ingredient is highly dangerous for pregnant women. Avoid taking homemade mayonnaise, desserts made with raw egg such as meringue or under-made tortillas.

Sprouted Sprouts

Sprouted shoots are very beneficial to health as long as you are not pregnant. The danger lies in the conditions of production of this food, as it can easily be contaminated with dangerous bacteria such as salmonella or E-Colli. The way to take sprouted sprouts without risk to your baby is to cook the product before consuming it, as bacteria are eliminated during cooking.

In addition, you need to make sure to wash very well all the vegetables and fruits that you are going to take raw. As well as any food you are going to cook and kitchen utensils you use in the process.