expresión corporal

body expression

Body expression is that concept that refers to the expression of the human being through his body, consciously or unconsciously. Through this type of expression the body speaks and transmits feelings and emotions.

It is important to know this concept because by doing this type of movement we are promoting communication and expression among people. In these types of actions we can rotate, bend, stretch, jump… each one combines the way to do it using its dynamics.

Body expression is important that it can be developed in children, as it helps to enhance their physical and mental state, as it will help them to express their tastes and feelings much better. A clear example of these forms of expression is when we feel sadness and we start to cry, or when we have a pleasant surprise we express it with joy.

However, this type of expression was considered to be very well placed in their learning thanks to activities related to dance, in artists and actors. With this type of skill they manage to learn professionally a communication that serves them as a working tool.

What elements are involved in body expression?

  • Facial expression is one of the most significant, it is the one that expresses the most emotional load. Through the look or position of the lips we already know how to determine many revealing gestures.
  • Movement is another of these elements, where it tells the spatial form of how it is performed, the time it takes to formalize it, and the intensity.
  • Gestures are also part of it since they are responsible for representing emotional states, these gestures are the perfect complement to that body expression.
  • Body expression is another way we take in a situation. We generally express positions naturally without realizing the situation. The gesture of crossing your arms when you are talking to someone may indicate that you are protecting yourself.

expresión corporal

The set of all these elements are those that determine body expression. Generally our body is expressed innately because we are genetically prepared for it, although we can improve this mobility by doing a little skill in expressing it.

Words are another setting that can be added to communicate in a much clearer way. With the expression of the words we also formalize gestures and position the body in a particular way. This way the receiver perceives the information correctly.

Body expression in children

Children progress with their body expressionas it grows and according to their evolutionary stage. The fact that they learn when they’re happy, sad, angry, stressed… will make them grow like people. They will learn to express themselves much better over the years and always imitating the behavior of adults.

These kinds of skills help them to run, jump, spin, move while maintaining balance, increasing flexibility and maintaining coordination. All this will give them that physical ability and encourage them to develop their emotional intelligence.

Physical Education helps this type of expression

expresión corporal

This type of practice is recommended as the practice of these exercises makes children learn to know and feel their bodies to know how to communicate and express. Music is one of those vehicles where children are invited to be much more attentive, active and participatory.

Participation with groups will help a lot to make the skills they have to target much more bearable. With the passage of time these types of proposals will be very significant and will be grateful, as children will learn to develop with greater autonomy.