Embarazada angustiada por el diagnóstico médico.

Pregnant distressed by medical diagnosis.

Lymphocytes reduce their work so that the fetus is not affected and can reside without any problem inside the mother.

The problem of having lower than normal lymphocyte levels in pregnancy occurs due to problems with the immune system. It is convenient to carry a control so as not to be weak. Next we will know what this frequent complication entails.


Defenses in pregnancy decrease. The pregnant woman’s organism is more exposed to external agents that can weaken it. The value of lymphocytes in pregnancy changes depending on the progress of it. Lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cells that make antibodies, do not act as they normally would. They do not destroy external agents, since the incoming cells are those of the fetus, which is composed of antigens of the father as well. That is why lymphocytes reduce their work so that the baby is not affected. Achieved this point you can reside without any problem inside the mother.

On the other hand, lymphocytes in pregnancy may be low from gastritis, allergic reactions or by eating an improper diet. Obesity, alcohol or drug abuse, by low iron or folic acid, or derived from genetic problems is also influenced. It is advisable to detect this problem after having a blood test and determine if the only cause is pregnancy or there is any other factor. If it is due solely to pregnancy, it does not require treatment. Otherwise the treatment will fit the specific reason: prescribe vitamins, take more protein or iron…

Remarks before low lymphocytes

Técnico de laboratorio con muestra de sangre.

The couple, or the woman exclusively, given the in case, appropriate medical checks should be carried out prior to pregnancy. Specifically the hematological controls would give the diagnosis.

Before pregnancy, it is advisable that the partner, or the solo woman, if necessary, have appropriate medical checks to rule out problems. There are no clear symptoms when you have low lymphocytes in pregnancy, so the need for blood tests. Specifically the hematological controls would give the diagnosis. However, the frequency of infections in women may indicate an alarm sign.

To increase the number of lymphocytes, it is important to ensure that the functioning of the bone marrow is optimized. The intake of vitamin compounds can give a result in this regard. In pregnancy it is very necessary for the woman to have a good rest, reduce stress and lead proper life habits. Regular checkups in pregnancy will make it possible to know the levels of this type of white blood cells.