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If you are a parent, you may have ever noticed that your child speaks while he or she sleeps. It is quite normal and common for children to talk while they are asleep. It is a sleep disorder called somniloquia and almost 60% of children suffer.

This disorder is not serious and therefore you do not have to worry or be alarmed. It is normal for somniloquia to disappear from 6 years of age.

What is somniloquia

Somniloquia is a sleep disorder in which the child speaks while asleep. Today the causes of such a disorder are not known although it may be due to a genetic factor. Experts point out that parents should not be alarmed as it does not affect the child’s health and usually disappears simply over time. A very low percent of children may have sleepy when they reach the adult stage and continue to talk occasionally while they are asleep.

The child who has suffered such a disorder does not remember anything when getting up in the morning. According to experts, parents should not wake them while talking as it does not pose any risk to their health.

How to deal with somniloquia

Parents should not do anything if they listen to their children talk aloud while they sleep. It remains only to wait and let the time pass until the children stop talking during the night. It’s something that may seem weird but they happen quite assiduously in children under 6 years old. Since it is not any kind of pathology, there is no specific treatment for it.

Experts on the subject advise to follow a series of healthy habits related to sleep, so that the child can sleep as placid as possible:

  • It is important to follow good sleep routines so that rest is not disturbed.
  • Dinner should always be about two hours before going to bed.
  • It is not advisable that children watch TV or mobile before going to sleep. The use of screens at night causes serious problems when it comes to sleep.
  • Parents should fit the room in such a way that the child is as comfortable and comfortable as possible. A dim lighting and adequate temperature will make it possible for the child to rest much better.

Apart from taking into account all these habits and routines, it is important to talk to the child about the topic of somniloquia. Do not hesitate to sit next to the little one and explain to him that there is no need to worry about anything at all. You should understand that somniloquia is not serious for your health and that it is a simple sleep disorder that will disappear over time. Many children suffer when they learn that they usually talk at night while they sleep. In some cases, such a disorder can negatively affect the child’s self-esteem. Hence the important work of parents in explaining to children that suffering somniloquia does not pose any kind of risk to health.

In short, talking loud while sleeping is a fairly common fact among young children. Often parents worry too much when they see their children talk some nights with their eyes closed. However, nothing should be given to such a fact, as it is a simple sleep disorder that disappears over the years. Although there is no treatment that can prevent the child from talking at night, experts advise at all times to follow a series of daily habits, which allow children to sleep as best as possible.