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Open your mouth and pull out your tongue! One of the most popular phrases heard in pediatric offices. Also when a pediatrician is received at home. What does a white spot mean under the tongue? It can be a symptom of many things, this because the tongue is one of the parts of the body that best measures health. Both through its color and texture it is possible to have clues of some kind of disorder or disease.

This is why doctors always check the tongue at the time of diagnosis, especially if there are symptoms of fever.

The language speaks

It is enough to observe a child’s tongue to detect a possible symptom, and that is that many of the disorders are observed just by analyzing the color of the tongue as well as its texture. When spots appear it is time to pay attention. What does a white spot mean under the tongue? It can be several things.

If you notice the whitish tongue, there may be several issues. One of the causes that causes a change in the color of the tongue is candidiasis, which is nothing more than a fungus that appears from eating with excess sugar. In that case, the best thing you can do is stabilize the diet by reducing foods with sugar. Dehydration also occurs with the white tongue symptom. While it’s easy to remedy, remember that it is very important to keep children well hydrated. Several glasses of water are recommended daily, especially during the summer months and if they are exposed to the sun or very high temperatures. Then the fluid intake will have to be strengthened.

Lack of hydration reduces the amount of saliva, something to be taken into account since saliva has antiseptic properties and therefore keeps the mouth clean. Lack of hydration affects the production of saliva, and the child’s tongue will turn white. If for some reason the child does not want to drink water, you can offer him little but often. In the case of not wanting water, you can replace it with juices and infusions. The important thing is to increase the amount of fluids, especially after gastroenteritis. As the child moisturizes, the tongue will return to its pink color.

Hygiene of the tongue

White spots on a child’s tongue may also be due to poor dental hygiene or problems associated with halitosis. While the latter is not very common in children, it can occur after some disease such as tonsillitis or pharyngitis. Good dental hygiene is important to maintain oral health of both teeth and tongue. Remember to teach kids to brush their teeth in the right way, dentists will be able to help with practical examples for children to become independent when it comes to brushing their teeth properly.

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What does a white spot mean under the tongue? Even if we don’t know what it is, registering white spots on the tongue is never a good symptom. While it may be somewhat mild, attention needs to be paid. In the case of detecting several white spots on the tongue, it can also be due to candidiasis. As we said, thrush in children usually appears after some illness. Usually white spots appear “whole”, which later and after the intake of medications are transformed into white dots.

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Candidiasis is provoked by candida albicans fungus, a fungus that settles in the oral cavity. Beyond the fact that it is common to appear after an illness, it is also common during the first year of the baby’s life. During this time the baby has the lowest defenses and this infection may appear. The good news is that it is benign and with good treatment there are no risks. Treatment for white spots on the baby’s tongue includes an antifungal ointment that should also be applied to the pacifier, bottle nipples, and chest. While it is not serious, it is important to treat it as soon as possible so that the infection does not spread to the diaper area.