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Before we see our baby we are already thinking about the colors that will suit him best, what clothes we are going to wear, what will be his room, the toys he will have. Anyway, as mothers we are creating his little universe and he or she, with his personality, will modify it.

As for the colors, all colors feel great to babies. But there are some of them that because of their hair color, skin, or eyes highlight them and make them even more beautiful. In addition the neutral colors will help you with any questions.

Neutral colors that all babies feel good

colores bebés

Here are the neutral colours that favor every baby. Inside them there are different shades, from the strongest, to the most dull. Depending on the color of the skin, your eyes and hair you can move in this line of neutral colors, but choosing the ones that favor you most. A basic concept to learn is what cool colors are: blue, purple, green; and warm ones: yellows, oranges, reds.

Yellows and greens are unisex and neutral colors. But, within the greens you have a wide variety of shades, from green hunt to green hope, which takes so much this year. The case of green is perfect for redheads or reddish chestnut babies. Neutral yellows create a very pleasant image of the baby, and when it is a little older they enhance his vivacity if you go up the tone.

Other neutral colors are white, black and gray. White has always been used in baby clothes, especially in first posture. Now there is also a tendency to include blacks, and grays, but always combined with other shades. In fact it is quite common to find black and white clothes for baby. Sands, browns, and sienas, are also considered neutral colors.

The best color for our baby

colores bebés

We could tell you that almost by intuition you will know the color that best favors your son or daughter. In this, mothers sometimes have to repress ourselves, because we tend to lean more towards the colors that we like than those who objectively feel better.

Babies with very white skin, blond hair and light eyes, if you wear them warm colors, bronze, sand, tan, will look sweetened their face. If you dress them cherries, greens, or mauve will create a beautiful contrast. These babies do not look so favored with cashew or off-white shades.

On the contrary, for very brunette babies with dark eyes and hair, their image is sweetened with the gentle shades of the pink range, including nude (in the traditional case of girls) and blue aquamarines, for boys. They are not favored by brown or gray tones. If already the baby, or the baby is a little older, a shocking and flattering image is to give it a touch of intense shades of light green type.

More colors that favor the baby by its physiognomy

If the boy or girl has light skin, but instead the hair and dark eyes, intense blues, or the range of violets, burgundy will look great. This will increase the contrast of your own image. For him or her you can also choose that contrast of black and white that is being introduced into children’s fashion.

With pink skin, eyes and light hair we are facing roses and corals in general. Although these colors are identified with girls. That is why for your baby male with these characteristics we recommend yellow in its different shades: honey, amber, siena.

Babies with golden skin, brown hair and honey, or greenish eyes look very handsome with earthy, camel, brown and golden tones. Their image will give off absolute harmony, as if you dress them with pastel tones.