Following a balanced diet is the key to making sure you have good health, because it is the only way to strengthen your immune system. In order for the diet to be balanced, it must contain foods of all groups. Increasing the doses of certain very healthy products and reducing the consumption of other foods. Throughout the year it is essential to follow a balanced diet, but much more in cold times where viruses and germs abound.

Balanced diet for children

Something that in these times of Covid era, becomes even more necessary to protect the whole family from possible contagion. Even, feeding can help you have greater resistance to this aggressive virus. That is, although it is likely that some time both you and your family can get infected with coronavirus, having a strong immune system will help you overcome this new and aggressive disease.

Food of all groups, but to its fair extent

All foods are necessary for the body to receive the essential nutrients, but it is essential to know which substances provide in large quantities and which should be consumed in moderation. For example, fruits and vegetables should form the daily feed base and be present at all meals of the day.

The difference with other foods that should be eaten in moderation, is that although they content essential nutrients, they also provide other substances that in large quantities can be harmful to the body. On the other hand, within each group of foods you can find specific products of better nutritional quality, which are those that should be part of the diet of the whole family.

Essential foods in a balanced diet

alimentos saludables

Fruits and vegetables

These are the foods that should be part of the daily diet, any type of vegetable or fruit since they all have great nutritional benefits. Among others, minerals and fiber that help regulate intestinal transit, in addition to helping the body absorb carbohydrates.

Fish and seafood

Inside fish, it is recommended to consume white fish especially for children. Although we should not forget blue fish such as salmon, tuna or mackerel, among others. All of them rich in Omega3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient to maintain the immune system strong.


It is an energy-providing substance that is considered to be the main source of fuel of the human body . Foods containing starch also provide other nutrients such as fiber, minerals or B vitamins Starch is found in carbohydrates, i.e. bread, pasta, potato and tubers of the potato family, among many others.

Meat, key to a balanced diet

It is also very important to consume meat, since the animal product provides nutrients in quantities that can not be obtained from other products. Within meat products, it is preferable to choose white meat because it is less fat and healthier, although the consumption of red meat is essential due to the important contribution of iron. Very especially in the case of children, since an iron deficit could cause anemia and various problems in its growth.


They should be present in family feeding between 2 and 3 times a week. It is a food rich in fiber, proteins of vegetable origin, vitamins or minerals, among other substances very healthy for the body.


Especially almonds when it comes to children. Since they contain large amounts of magnesium and calcium, essential for the development of children’s bones and brain . When they are small, they should be consumed ground to avoid the risk of suffocation, as an accompaniment to yogurt, in homemade cakes or in fruit smoothie, replacing milk with almond drink. This does not mean that children should stop consuming milk daily, it is a way to take this food occasionally and safely to children.

If you want to know a little more in depth how to organize the consumption of each food, to plan a good balanced diet for your family, in this link you will find the food pyramid. In addition to some important tips to understand how to apply it correctly.