Choosing the best phone for seniors

Having a phone at home is a must today, so much, that the offer is so extensive that it is not always easy to choose the most suitable model in each case. There are phones of all types, for all tastes and pockets, with features that make them pocket computers and, in many cases, become a more working tool.

However, when it comes to choosing a cordless phone for the elderly, it is important to change the vision of what is really necessary. Because in a matter of usefulness, for an elderly person it is much more important that the phone is easy to use, rather than an ultra-modern and exaggerately delicate model.

However, the telephony market is so large today that it is possible to combine functionality, with modernity. Therefore, older people do not have to give up using a modern and current appliance. It will only be necessary to take into account certain essential aspects that the appliance must contain in order to be practical for the use that will be given to it.

How to choose a phone for older people

Being older does not mean being less skilled or less modern. Anyone can make use of the most current phone, because knowledge and skills do not disappear with age. However, some aspects become more complicated to solve as the years go by.

Eyesight is one of the senses that lose most with age, but having difficulty seeing, should not be a limitation when using a phone. Therefore, when looking for a phone for an elderly person, it is important that the finishing has the following characteristics.

Fixed or mobile?

The landline no longer has to be anchored to the 4 walls of a home. Regardless of whether a cordless phone is chosen or not. Some companies allow the possibility of installing a landline phone at home, but with similar features to those offered by a mobile phone.

This type of terminal has a design similar to that of the first mobile phones marketed at the user level some years ago. With a larger size and weight than today’s smartphones have, larger buttons and very simple features.

Although it is a landline, fixed numbered, this phone works the same as the mobile network. That is, you can take it away from home without losing the signal, perfect for seniors because they don’t need a mobile phone when they have to leave home.

Essential features

As for the most important features that should offer the best cordless phones that are going to be used by an elderly person, these are the essentials:

  • Have big keys: Whether you’re looking for a landline, or if you need a basic phone, it’s essential that your chosen model has large keys. In this way, the user will be able to easily handle the phone. Large keys are perfect both for people with poor eyesight, and for those who have lost agility with their hands.
  • Get connected to the emergency service: The emergency button is the fastest system to contact emergencies when an older person is faced with any problems or needs. Although most fixed terminals on the market have this option, it is very important to make sure it is so. You should also check with the telephone company if they have this service, since all current companies are not connected to home help services.
  • Large screen: It is also very important that the phone has a good screen. Even, there is the possibility to choose the size of the letters. In today’s mobile phones it is possible to count on this option, but it is not so with all terminals designed for seniors and landlines.

  • That the battery has enough capacity: One of the main problems of smartphones and mobile phones today is that they have so many features that inevitably the use of the battery is noticeably reduced. The phone is constantly working, even if you’re not making use of it. Networks, updates and internet services consume battery even when the phone is in sleep mode. This is very unfunctional for older people, since having to charge the phone daily can be cumbersome and impractical for those who need a phone without more.
  • Make it sturdy: Look for a weighted, well-handled and undelicate phone. A very delicate design can be very decorative and beautiful, but impractical for the elderly.

What if it’s a mobile phone?

Many older people are attracted to new technologies and are increasingly encouraged to use social networks or instant messaging like WhatsApp. This is great because it allows people to be connected, instantly receive photos and even make video calls so they can see people who are not around on a daily basis.

For everyone is available the option to use a mobile phone, with internet connection and with the most basic features that an elderly person may require. Fortunately, companies are increasingly taking older people into account and when creating new designs, they design terminals tailored to everyone’s needs.

That is, in the market you can find current mobile phones, with internet connection and with the essential features that make a phone, a device suitable for all ages. And what should a mobile phone have to be suitable for an elderly person?

  • A good screen
  • Call
  • function Message
  • function

  • Emergency button.

In this case it connects with those people who are previously determined. Mobile phones do not connect to TV support services, but with the push of a button you can contact the 5 contacts chosen.

In any case, if you choose a mobile phone for an elderly person, you will have to spend some time teaching him how to use it correctly. Whether it is a more or less current model, with more or less features, a person who has never had a mobile phone may feel overwhelmed by such a situation.


best thing in these cases is to start with the most basic functions, such as making and receiving calls, unlocking the phone, and opening the messenger service. If it is a Smartphone, it is recommended that you remove some settings, such as automatic updates or installation of applications. This way, you will avoid surprises on the phone bill, at least while the person gets used to their new phone.