los campamentos

the camps

The camps are far beyond mere outdoor camping. They are organized activities with the intention of living for a small time in coexistence and enjoy the environment of nature, and therefore accompanied by exercises for educational purposes.

The camps are usually organized during the summer holiday season, although there are some schools that provide the opportunity to do so during the course so that children can have such coexistence and a natural environment in nature. It is always accompanied by games during the day and night, night stoves, research in nature, crafts and will always start with the participation of both campers and teachers or monitors.

What are the camps?

The camps are those activities linked to the human being practically since it has been in existence, since being something prehistoric is something that is accentuated as a primary element for survival.

los campamentos

This great activity helps to promote integration and help children or adolescents discover their vocation and to be able to survive in extreme situations.

We cannot deny that we are part of nature and that all those people who habitually coexist between buildings and asphalt feel that pleasure and peace in contact with green space.

What are these camps for?

All have a useful purpose and is to carry out primary activities and enhance social inclusion, where they learn to live in groups of people. The types of camps are usually done outside the cities in farm-type camps, although they are also usually done in cities with other types of activities, you can read part of this section here.

As a great utility there are advantages that outweigh doing this type of activities, children will experience living with other people, including peers and adults who are outside their family environment. Within this experience children will learn to develop independently and communicate in a more natural way, since the use of technology is prohibited.

These camps are designed for team cooperation, no matter the ages, but then make it as comparable as possible. Responsibility for independent work will create many values that will be marked for the rest of their lives.

Great discoveries and learning

Cleaning and hygieneis also part of these activities, as they will have to learn how to make your bed, pick up your clothes, wash their own, clean your room, wash dishes… there will even be talks that will talk about the hygienic issue.

los campamentos

The sitting next to the campfires will be to argue great stories and discover the art of music. If time happens surely a child will find their vocation to play an instrument or discover how far the senses expand when listening to live music.


will discover great utilities that before for them were unnoticed as a simple flashlight, where they will discover dynamo type. Compasses as they are moving with the world of technology, they will learn how to use it and use the intuition of how to orient naturally without GPS.

They will learn at times how to light a fire outdoors or how to prepare their own food, even if it’s canned or pre-cooked food. The way of teaching this kind of teaching will also be linked to the instinct of survival, it will be a skill taught in case any kind of future catastrophe happen.

It is important that the child is motivated to go to this type of activity. Normally in such situations where the child has gone with little desire has made it take time to adapt to his routine and when he started to enjoy all this is when he was already finishing the camp. But you will always have the good memory of repeating for another year, if you have ended up having a good time.