síntomas embarazo

pregnancy symptoms

There are women who, when they are pregnant, get a little confused between the months and weeks in which their period is gestation. It seems more complicated than it really is, but once you understand the equivalence between the months of pregnancy and the weeks in your gestation period, it will be much easier to understand where you are right now.

Pregnancy is counted in weeks and lasts approximately 40 weeks, although actually pregnancy does not last exactly nine months, therefore, people usually get confused enough. The actual and approximate duration of pregnancy is 280 days of gestation (which is ten lunar months) or 38 weeks from the moment of fertilization of the egg and 40 weeks from the last date of menstruation.

If you start counting from the last rule you had, week 1 of pregnancy would be the week you had the rule and if with a regular 28-day cycle, fertilization occurs on week 3. In week 4 would be implantation (which is the lack of the rule) and you will have implantation bleeding. These four weeks would be the first month of pregnancy. Between week 5 and 6 is when you start to suspect you might be pregnant.

If you want to better understand the months you are pregnant according to the week in which you are:

  • 1st month pregnancy: from 1 week to 4
  • 2nd month pregnancy: from 5 week to 8
  • 3rd month pregnancy: from the 9 week to the 13
  • 4th month pregnancy: from the 14 week to the 17
  • 5th month pregnancy: from the 18 week to the 22
  • 6th month pregnancy: from the 23rd week to the 27
  • 7th month pregnancy: from the 28th week to the 31st
  • 8th month pregnancy: from the 32nd week to the 35th
  • month pregnancy from the 36th week to the 40th