librerias infantiles

children's libraries

Through books children, readers and prereaders, imagine magical worlds, incredible characters and adventure stories. And to access books, libraries and children’s bookstores. There is nothing that makes a child happier, who likes books than going to a bookstore and how they enjoy the activities they ride!

Yes, bookstores, and especially children, are not only the warehouses of wonderful books, but now they organize workshops, storytelling, poetry and music recitals.What it takes to instill children this healthy hobby, which is to read and imagine.

Children’s bookstores so beautiful, you can’t miss

librerias infantiles

These bookstores that we name you below can not miss your children, many of them will leave you gloomed. Each has something special, but they all have in common that their booksellers and booksellers deeply love their work.
We have tried to select some that do not appear in the typical ranking, and that are in smaller cities.

  • Mamalusa, in Puerto Real, Cádiz is a very special breeding shop, in addition to finding a select and careful collection of books have educational toys and natural and ecological products. He is famous for his personalized service, attention to detail.
  • Boops, in Granada is a children’s bookstore in English with storytellers included! It is in the heart of the city and don’t worry, you can also order books that are not in English. They also have English branded stationery.
  • Al Gato de Cheshire, in Zaragoza, describe it as a combination of books, tea and coffee, and what is worth it, in addition to books, are the packages in which they wrap them. There’s always some nice drawing.

More bookstores to visit


We continue with these bookstores of small and large cities, but that leave the most commercial circuit. All of them have a facebook page, and we recommend that you check them out.

  • In Castro Urdiales there is Didactec, a store of didactic toys, which also has a large section of children’s books. They also do storytelling workshops.
  • The Toledo Paper Burrow specializes in children’s literature and illustration, and in the evenings, they organize workshops and other activities. As a result of the current health emergency, assistance to these activities must be confirmed.
  • Va de cuentos, in San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante is a library where in addition to children’s books they have a space for moms and dads dedicated to Emotional and Alternative Education. They organize many workshops and activities to learn how to work emotions with the little ones.
  • In Plasencia you will find La Puerta de Thannhäuser, a very special cafeteria bookshop. They have a wide variety of books, and a fish tank of children’s and youth books. In addition they usually take writers, make groups of readings, talks, and storytelling very special.

We have selected these children’s bookstores because we have to narrow the space, and we know that we leave many interesting in the ink well. I’m sure you and your kids could recommend us some.

Harry Potter’s bookstore

We didn’t want to finish this article dedicated to children’s bookstores without naming Harry Potter and his famous and spectacular bookstore. On the internet there is rumor that some Harry Potter scenes were shot at the Lello and Irmão bookstore, which is in Porto, Portugal, but, this is not true. Which does not take credit from this bookstore, which you should visit with your children if you are in the Portuguese city.

The truth is that the Lello and Irmão bookstore does not appear in any of the Harry Potter scenes, but J.K. Rowling, its author, did live in Porto, and knew her, so she could be inspired by it to create the fictitious bookstore in Diagon Alley.

This bookstore, rightly considered one of the most beautiful in the world charges 5 euros for the ticket, and they will discount them if you make any purchases. Its collection of children’s literature is fascinating, almost as much as the establishment itself.