Complementos para el cabello

Hair Accessories

Let’s recognize it, there is nothing we like more in a baby than to put a thousand monkey in her hair, well combined with her dresses. Of course! In most baby shops you can find endless hair accessories and surely it will be difficult for you to choose between them. She’s so beautiful with everyone!

Today we want to tell you each of the varieties that you can find so that you can choose the most suitable for your baby.


are ideal for the first months, as they hold up by grasping little hair and give a very feminine touch to your little one. When choosing them avoid those that have small ornaments such as balls, flowers, etc., since it will be difficult for your baby to get it off but, in case he gets it, the first thing he will do is take it to his mouth.


These classic fabric bands are always among our favorites, they hold well to baby’s head loosely and can be found in a variety of styles and colors. In principle you can wear them without problem, but there will come a time when you learn to pull it and remove it, once you pass that learning stage you can put it back without worrying, unless you bother him and decide to remove it again.


Another of our favorites, We love babies with a scrunchy or two! When they are very small they are not recommended because the hair is very soft and they slip, but later you can wear them and you will love it.

Hats or beanies

Great to protect you from the cold in winter or from the sun in summer, although they quickly learn to take them off. You can find hats that hold on with a rubber on your chin and maybe that will help you keep it on longer.

Image — Oh! Infants

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