Tricycles are that means of transport with three wheels, one front and two rear which move by the action of two pedals. This small vehicle is recommended from two years of age for all those babies wanting to discover their autonomy.

Parents can opt for tricycles as a means of transport, where the little one can start riding without driving the pedals and then when he develops his autonomy he can start using it to increase that skill and his psychomotor system. You can read here how to choose the best tricycle for your baby.

Tricycles for babies: the cheapest but safe

If you are looking for a baby tricycle that is safe and cheap here we leave you selected the ones that can best adapt to those pockets. Ideal in this case is to opt for those with pedals and with a hitch or handlebar system so that parents can steer the vehicle with the child mounted.

Generally it is advisable to start with tricycles without pedals and as they evolve their autonomy they will change tricycle until you get one with pedals and can operate. But as a first hand we can advise those with all the accessories and the security system applied by European regulations.

Triciclo Fever Evo Trike


This tricycle is one of the best sellers for its price-quality. It does not reach 40€ and is characterized by being evolutionary. Its age range is between 6 months and 3 years and can be used in 3 different ways.

Its first use with 18 months serves as a walk and then you can decouple pieces so that it is released with the use of the pedals. They have a safety belt, manual clutch to lock the pedals and has a sturdy metal frame.

Be Fun Tricycle


Well equipped, simple, sturdy and sold in two different colours (blue and pink). It is created by the well-known brand Smoby so it supplies all European warranties.

It is recommended for children from one and a half years andolder, it contains an adjustable parental bar, a freewheel system and an anti-roll system. Its price does not reach 50€ and it has a tipper, safety belt and adjustable parental bar to control the speed and direction of the child.

Be Mone Confort Tricycle


It is governed with the pampering basic characteristics, but with some small benefit more so its price already rises to a little more than 60€. It is made with a steel frame, adjustable saddle, height adjustable parental bar and safety belt. The only thing that makes for others is that it has a built-in backpack and a safety hoop around where the child feels, so it stays more protected.

HOMCOM 4-in-1 Tricycle


This vehicle can be obtained at a price that does not exceed 65€. Its accessories are much more complete and comfortable. It can be used at different age stages. With 18 months of age you can use as a stroller with folding pedals, fenders, seat belt and a bar around the child so that they do not leave the vehicle. Contains a storage basket and a removable canopy to protect you from the weather.

Strike Orange Tricycle by Chipolino


This tricycle is very simple and has no use but for what it is. It does not serve as a stroller so it will not be recommended until 3 years of age and can be used until 7 years. Its components are comfortable, rounded and non-slip, and made with 100% safe materials. Its design is very beautiful and the price does not exceed 45€.