Children grow at a dizzying pace (and wonderful too) and it is a pleasure to see how they are changing and evolving in their development. The problem is that some things do not grow at the pace of children, and these constant changes represent a significant economic expense for the family. Specifically we talk about clothing, clothes that often remain virtually new and useless with a few uses.

Tricks to save on children's clothes

If you have multiple children at home, older ones may be more useful. But that of the little ones, usually stays very new once it’s no longer useful to them. However, you should not always discard clothes at first, since in many cases you just need a few sewing tricks, someimagination and a little creativity to save money on children’s clothes when they grow up.

Tricks to save money on children’s clothes

In addition to recycling clothes and adapting it to give it a second chance, there are other tricks with which you can save on children’s clothes.

Toma nota:

  1. Take advantage of the sales: For several weeks throughout the year, shops, textile stores and brands in general, carry outsales seasons with significant discounts on the prices of their products. This is the best time to purchase children’s clothes, but always clothes for the following season. That is, in winter sales you will complete the summer wardrobe and in summer sales otherwise. With this forecast you can save a good amount of money on clothes every year.
  2. Choose versatile garments: Avoid very special garments, those that children can only use in few occasions. It is much more practical and profitable to invest in comfortable clothes, which they can wear on any occasion and even, that they can share.
  3. Practice exchange: All families have the same problem, because all children grow up. Organize an exchange with the other moms at school, sure many have younger or older children and lots of clothes that no longer serve them.

Recycling clothes to give it a second life

Many clothes can be recycled easily, you don’t even need to have great sewing skills. In many cases, it’s just about giving some cuts here and there, adding some patches and even adding some special paint drawing. Here are some tricks with which you can recycle your children’s clothes and save money on children’s clothes.

Cut for the healthy

Usually, children grow faster along the length than in width. That is, the pants fall short from the bottom when they still fit well on the waist. That problem has several solutions, for example:

  • Cut and turn into bermuda shorts or short.
  • Sew a trimmings tape on the bottom or a simple lace strip.
  • Add a piece of cloth from another trousers. If you’re something crafty about sewing, you can do a simple patchwork work to lengthen the bottom of your pants everything you need.

Iron-on patches

Iron-on patches are a great choice when clothing suffers from some damage or small hole in some area. This usually happens in areas such as knee pads or elbow pads, because children when playing often use these parts of their body. These patches are easily applied with the heat of the iron, but always choose quality patches so that they do not peel off at first wash.

Painting to save money on children’s clothes

Some stains are very difficult to remove, such as chocolate, tomato or grass, among others. It is even possible that during washing, the garments may be faded or even stained with bleach and lose color. This type of stains gives a very ugly look to clothes, even if it is something very new. But this problem also has a solution, you just need to make yourself with a special paint for fabrics. Make a small drawing on the stain or a great creation, you choose.