Back to work after maternity

Getting into work after motherhood is not an easy path for the vast majority of mothers. Especially if this happens after insufficient maternal leave, as is the onewe currently have in Spain. Emotional preparation in these cases is insufficient, since it is a premature separation, of a baby who still needs you more than anything in the world.

In other cases, return to work occurs later, when the baby already has some independence and the reasons for employment are different. But in any case, this is not something easy to deal with in most cases. If you find yourself in this situation, you have to return to work soon and feel that you are not prepared either physically, nor mentally, we help you prepare yourself with the following tips.

Back to work after maternity

It’s possible that before you got pregnant, you thought you’d be back to work in a much more natural way. But most likely, once you meet your baby in your arms, you consider the possibility of delaying that moment, if it is within your chances. In any case, it is most advisable to prepare for the return to work with time, so that at the day, you are really prepared in every way.

How to look for work?

Many women face the difficult task of looking for a new job after a while, because in many cases, motherhood delays the return to the world of work. Whether you have a professional career or not, you are likely to face job offers, cover letters and interviews, will overwhelm you . First and foremost, it happens to many people and you should not feel bad about it.

It is normal that after a time devoted to motherhood, you do not be very clear how to start looking for work. In this link you will find some practical tips in this regard. Moreover, at these times when the world is fighting the Covid pandemic, teleworking has become the main choice for many jobs. Which can somehow make it easier for you to reconcile work and family.

Tips for organizing the return to work

Although this is a difficult time, following some tips will make it easier for you to join the workplace less traumatic and more satisfying.

  • Planning and organization: When you’re a mother, the organization will be the key to success, forever. Therefore, it is important that you start thinking about the organization from the first moment. After the first days since the baby arrives, gradually it is necessary to incorporate routines, beneficial for both children and adults.
  • Choose the person who will care for your baby: During your absence while you’re working, you’ll have to have a trusted person who takes care of your baby. The sooner you get used to being a time apart, progressively, the better the adaptation will be for both.
  • Enjoy time for yourself: Feeling good about yourself will serve as an emotional preparation for your return to work. It delegates to your family, to your partner and to the people you trust that offer you help. Look for moments for yourself, go to the hairdresser, shop or just go out for a workout.

Forget the feeling of guilt with the return to work

You may not need to go back to work for economic reasons, but you don’t have to feel guilty about that. Working is a must for everyone, whether for economic, social or professional reasons. No mother should feel guilty about returning to work, because that does not influence your quality as a mother, or as a person. On the contrary, feeling happy and fulfilled in all respects favorably influences the mother’s filial relationship.

In short, motherhood changes life completely, but in a positive way. Getting back to work can be hard, but with organization, enthusiasm and the help of the people around you, everything happens much faster. Do not forget about yourself, to take care of your health and rest, because it is the best way to take care of your family and carry the work forward in a satisfactory way.