Weekly Menu

Organizing and planning at home is essential, especially if you have children. One of the tasks that is repeated every day is cooking, hopelessly you have to prepare breakfasts, lunches, dinners and soon. Therefore, it is essential to have a daily menu planning in a house where there are children. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time every day thinking about the next meal.

And not only that, the shopping cart saves noticeably when you make a planned purchase for several days. So, with good planning you can save not only time, but also save on the food you buy. You may find it too complicated, but with a few simple tips you can prepare a nutritious and healthy daily menu for the whole family.

The first step, a list of usual foods and meals

Daily meals should include recommended food groups, to meet children’s essential nutritional needs. As you know, it is recommended to take about 5 pieces of fruit a day and that vegetables are present both at lunch and dinner. As for the other food groups, we leave the food pyramid on the link so you can use it as a reference.

It is also important to take into account the usual meals that you usually take at home, because in those same dishes you can make variations to finish covering all the nutritional needs. For example, pasta dishes can include vegetables and is something that is not usually done. Having all your dishes scored, will allow you to organize them better throughout the week and improve them in terms of the ingredients used.

The daily menu

To efficiently plan your daily menu, you can use a whiteboard that is easily erased or a simple notebook. If you keep your notes you can use them to organize the menu of other days, so that soon you will have the week planned with little effort. Many people forget to include breakfast or snack in the menu planning.

However, they are very important foods that should be thought well so that they do not end up becoming a fast and unhealthy food. Snack is an example, it is a very important meal since it is the necessary energy supply for children to complete their activities before night. You should not overlook the snack, nor resort to an unhealthy and nothing nutritious processed product.

The same goes for breakfast, many children get up with poor appetite and refuse to take virtually anything that needs to be chewed. Having breakfast planned so that children can have something they like, will save you time and dislikes. For breakfast there is nothing better than a good homemade smoothie, you can include dairy, fruits, cereals and even vegetables.

Sample menu

Taking into account your family’s tastes, you can create a daily menu appropriate for everyone. It is important not to fall into the trap of preparing a different dish for everyone, as it will take a lot of time every day and you will get used to eating a la carte. Next we knit with an example of a daily menu that can serve as inspiration to plan your family’s menu.

  • Breakfast:A homemade smoothieprepared with milk, oat flakes, banana and strawberries.
  • Midmorning: Homemade oatmeal cookies and chocolate chips,a natural fruit juice.
  • To eat: Chickpeas with chicken and vegetables,fried anchovies secondand for dessert, a Greek yogurt with pieces of fresh fruit.
  • Snack: Oatmeal and banana pancakes with a glass of milk, a natural fruit juice ora homemade smoothie with milk and fruits.
  • For dinner: Opt for foods rich in tryptophan (such as eggs or bananas), as it is a natural relaxing that favors sleep. For example, a French omelet with cheese and cooked ham, accompanied by tender vegetables.