consejos niños coman bien

tips kids eat well

There are children who eat everything you put on and others who have certain problems with certain food (fish, fruit…), with new things or that vegetables don’t want to see them even from afar. It is a constant struggle for many parents that their children eat well. To achieve your goal of getting your child to eat well, we give you some tips for your child to eat everything.

Parents want to take care of our children and have a good diet. In order for them to grow healthy and properly develop they need a healthy and varied diet. If your child is one who resists you have probably tried a thousand and one inventions to get him to eat more vegetables or some food that resists him.

These problems usually begin when supplementary feeding is introduced after 6 months. Some already begin protesting with jars and others with solid food. Even children who eat well usually have food crises where they don’t like anything they used to love. It’s normal, it’s a process that needs to be passed. Let’s look at some tips for your child to eat everything.

comer bien niños

Tips for your child to eat everything

  • Do not insist. If you constantly insist what you can get is that your child ends up abhating that food and there’s no way he can eat it. Many people of my generation suffer the obligation to eat “if you don’t eat this dish of lentils you have for the night” or “don’t move from there until you finish the plate.” In addition to creating useless suffering in the child we are sending him a message that anyone can force him to do something he does not want.
  • Don’t blackmailthem. Many parents choose to blackmail “if you eat the vegetables, I’ll give you a piece of chocolate.” The idea we’re sending is that there is no living being who wants them and you need to sell it somehow to eat them. Crassus mistake. Food is neither a punishment nor a blackmail.
  • Give an example. If you don’t eat fish or vegetables it will be very difficult for your child to accept it as a law. If you see that everyone is eating it normally, you will be more appealing to the idea of eating those foods.
  • For new foods. If you want to try new foods start with small pieces. Seeing a large piece of something unknown can cause it to be rejected without trying it. Also good advice is to offer it to him when he is hungry and not when he is sated.
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere while you eat. No television or mobile, attention should be focused on you and the fact of eating. Make it a pleasant activity where you can share time with your family. It will positively strengthen your relation to food.
  • Happy him when he eats well. The aim is to strengthen positive behaviors and stop paying attention to negative behaviors. If he has done it well you can tell him how well he has done it and if he behaves badly not to pay attention to him not to reinforce those behaviors.
  • Thorns. Many times children refuse fish through thorns. The solution would be to ask the fish store to clean it well or buy clean frozen fish without thorns.
  • Let him choose a food he does not want to eat. For example if you can not stand broccoli you do not eat it, as long as you eat other vegetables.
  • Don’t give up. If you get no, it doesn’t mean they’re never going to eat it. It may not be the time, that he won’t be hungry or that day is not prepared. Try it another time later.
  • Prepare attractive dishes. There are recipes for children that make food more attractive. You can even ask him to help you prepare them.

Because remember… children’s feeding is important, but even more so is the relationship they have with food.