Plan the week

Planning the week in advance, is the best way to avoid stressful situations in the day to day. There are many tasks that have to be faced, those that enter within the usual schedule and those that are presented unexpectedly. All this is a source of stress that prevents many of these tasks from being successfully performed.

Therefore, the best way to prevent the days from going on in an overwhelming way is to plan everything that is foreseeable. However, while we know that organization is critical, it’s not always easy to know how to plan everything in a way that is effective. As in everything, practice does the teacher, but to begin with it is never hurts to have some tips, such as those you will find below.

The keys to planning the week successfully

To be able to organize the whole week and have a planning to fulfill, first you need to consider everything you need to do in the day-to-day basis on a fixed basis. That is, things that don’t change are meals, school schedules, extracurricular activities and those tasks that are common in each house. If all that is planned, the unforeseen events can be solved in a less stressful way. Here are some tips you can use to plan the week successfully.

Cooking for the whole week

Cooking is one of the tasks that takes the most time every day, so on many occasions it is often resorted to fast and unhealthy products. Also, when meals are not planned well, the shopping basket is improvised and much more expensive at the end of the month. It is also necessary to add the difficulty of preparing a well-balanced menu when it is not well organized.

Dedicating a single day to cooking for the whole week is cheaper and more efficient. You can even prepare snacks and snacks to have during the week, such as healthy oatmeal and banana cookies. The important thing is to maximize time and resources, preparing dishes for use with those fruits and foods that are not finished consuming.

  • Choose a day to cook. Sunday is perfect as you can spend some time preparing several things at the same time being quieter. In this link you will find all the tricks to plan a weekly menu when there are children at home. Since, it is very important to ensure that they receive all the nutrients necessary for their proper development.
  • Prepare multiple dishes at once: Sure at home you have plenty of functional cooking tools, such as an oven, several hobs and different pans and casseroles. Design a menu that allows you to cook several dishes at once. For example, baked roast chicken, baked vegetables, a beef stew in the quick pot and a few lentils on low heat. At one point you are cooking 4 dishes at a time, make the most of the time.

Prepare clothes for the whole week

You can also save a lot of time every day by arranging clothes all week. Invest some time of the weekend or day you have free to design each day’s wardrobe and the whole family. So you can have the necessary pieces so that all members of the family can dress each day. Place the top and bottom on each hanger, you can even add the underwear.

On each hanger write down the corresponding day of the week, especially in the case of children. That way they will always know what to wear and everything will be much faster and more fluid. In addition, this will contribute to children’s autonomy, as they will be able to dress themselves without having to be told what to wear. This method is even very practical for yourself, because thus you will be able to look well at the options and prepare the appropriate clothes for each day of the week.