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tick-free house

Incredibly, these annoying parasites can get into your house and cause a massive infestation. The problem is that if they come into contact with people, it can lead to severe diseases that are difficult to solve.

Keeping the house free of ticks means that well, for one fact or another, your house is being susceptible to the entry of these parasites and that is why you are realizing that they are proliferating in a massive way. Your entrance can be conditioned either because we have pets, or because we have constant access to areas outside where we can find them.

Where can I find ticks?

Ticks have their peak cycle in spring or summer. They are a large size mites that feed on blood and settle on a host in a fixed way, hooking its head under the skin and staying static, without moving.

Its presence can alarm us by finding in our body a small lump that if we look in detail will clarify that it is a tick. To remove it is necessary to do it with tweezers and with extreme care.

casa libre de garrapatas

Its bite may in principle be harmless, but it can spread Lyme disease, produced by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. This disease can cause arthritis, heart problems and attack the nervous system, with numerous fevers.

Ticks at home can be bred in wet and dark environments. If you have a garden they can be found in areas of earth or rotten wood. At home they can get to settle on carpets, sofas or any small cracks or hiding.

Tips for Avoiding Your Entry

The entry of these parasites is usually more hand in hand in your pets. They prefer animals, although people too, and therefore before going out to the field it is desirable that the animal already contains some kind of treatment to repel it. Or else we throw out some kind of specific repellent. You can read tips on how to go hiking with children.

casa libre de garrapatas

At the entrance home you have to take off all your clothes and check that there is no tick and observe that in our body there has not been any attached. We do the same inspection with animals.

Keep the house free of ticks

If you have started to notice that these parasites run around your house or your pet has any, you should pay attention and follow a series of tips:


  • first thing is to disinfect the pet and for this, if possible, give it a specific bath for the removal of ticks. If you find any attached to the body you have to remove it with great care with tweezers. It is advisable not to crush them later but rather put them in alcohol or throw them down the toilet.
  • You have to wash all the clothes and items in the house. It is practically to take almost everything to wash, first the clothes we use, sheets, blankets, cushions, towels or even soft toys (everything that has fabric or fluffy and can be washed). Please wash at a high temperature and if possible to use a tumble dryer afterwards.
  • Vacuum all surfaces and corners. If we are going to stand out in the corners and carpets, because they are their favorite places and where they probably have their nests. Then you need to get rid of the vacuum cleaner bag or clean the filter thoroughly.
  • Carpets are your favorite place, if you doubt that it is not enough to vacuum you can always throw a specific insecticide to remove ticks. Roll up the carpet and put it in large bags, sealing everything well and remaining closed for at least 24 hours.

casa libre de garrapatas

  • Spray all surfaces well with a specific spray for the removal of these parasites. There are treatments that leave a trace or trace on the surface for months, but you need to be careful with their use when we have children at home.
  • If there is a massive manifestation of insects in some room in the house is usually recommended to throw a lot of insecticide (the specific) into the room and close at least 24 hours. Then you need to ventilate well and make timely cleaning.
  • If you have the problem in the garden you can get a special chemical agent to spray in those places where they manifest. If you think it’s got out of your hands and you can’t decontaminate certain places, you can take on pest control companies.

And above all then treat your pet with a specific collar or pipette, so that they do not introduce into your home the blissful ticks and can turn everything into chaos.