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flea free house

The entry of good weather and the closeness of animals as pets and contact with nature makes us more exposed to blissful insects and parasites such as fleas.

If you suspect that you may have fleas in your home, it’s probably because of the manifestation of their bites. They are usually very annoying when they have their reaction and if it were not quite recurring. Quick remedies should be taken for a possible pest at home or in the garden, as these bugs spread at great speed.

Tips for keeping the house free from fleas

Today we have much more effective products for flea control at home, also folk remedies that we will indicate later, but still we can not lower our guard.

We must start by starting to look thoroughly for the focus of the problem. If we have a pet surely she is the carrier of these fleas, although the problem is not there, there are probably places where they are being raised, or the garden or in some corners of the house:

  • We need to do a cleaning of the pet to remove them. There are products to give them a bath that will help you remove them in your soaponada. Then you have to treat the animal with some specific product. The most suitable are antiparasitic products that act by contact and prevent fleas from itching.
  • Products that are residual work very well, as any peeling of the animal’s skin or hair will cause it to still carry the product impregnated and prevent fleas from continuing to grow. Tablets and pills also work wonders, when the flea swallows the animal’s blood immediately dies. It is important that your pet is treated throughout the year.


  • Traps can be put when there is a major pest. During the night we will place a light source and on its background a sticky surface, they will be attracted to light and heat and stay stuck in the trap.
  • You

  • have to do a thorough cleaning of the house at its first demonstration, you can read many of our tips in this tutorial. All materials containing fabric, including children’s toys and soft toys, must be washed. We will emphasize the vacuum cleaner on carpets and areas where there are gaps and cracks.
  • You have to wash all your pet’s clothes, both the bed where he sleeps and all areas of the house where he usually stays. It is important to use very hot water to rule out possible disposal.
  • If we have not managed to eliminate them we can use a specific insecticide to spray them in all rooms and keep them closed for 24 hours. Many of these insecticides are usually residual, so before possible contact flea or any insect dies, although you have to have with those surfaces where children can stay.
  • In the gardens we will keep at bay all those areas where they can manifest, you have to clean all areas where the leaves accumulate and remove the weed. Even so there are insecticidal treatments to be able to throw into the garden and make a more complete removal.

casa libre de pulgas

You must always try to maintain a house with good hygiene and well lit, emphasizing the corners. There are natural plants that we can use for further maintenance: Cedar bark that you can place in some corners of the house.

Neem oil that can be sprayed: mix a tablespoon with half a liter of water and it will be effective for removing larvae and eggs. Olive oil and lavender: works as a natural repellent. Mix half a liter of water, 10 drops of lavender oil and two tablespoons of olive oil. Have aromatic plants in the entrances of the house such as citronella, lavender, mint, chamomile, thyme or basil.