Cut Christmas Expenses

Christmas is a significant increase in expenses for all families, something that has nothing to do with the spirit of these holidays. However, every year there is a greater expense during the month of December, on gifts for everyone, menus for dinners and special events or clothing for those special occasions. Even every year the decorations for the house are renewed, rather than reusing those of other years.

All this translates into exacerbated consumerism and a total loss of the true meaning of Christmas. Something that, on the other hand, is an added stress for all those people who do not want or can’t bear these expenses. But Christmas is not that, it is a time of union, of illusion, of spending time with the people who love each other most. And not a month to spend money that may be needed for many other things throughout the year.

Is it possible to cut expenses at Christmas?

Not only is it possible to cut expenses at Christmas, it is even necessary for children to stop associating these holidays with gifts and shopping. If you organize yourself well and plan the holidays, you can save a good money on all those extra expenses that accumulate at Christmas. Don’t miss these tips with which in addition to cutting expenses, you can enjoy a more familiar Christmas.

Create the decoration of the house with children

Crafting with children is one of the simplest and most fun ways to spend an afternoon with the little ones. With very few materials you can create all kinds of ornaments, such as a wreath to decorate the front door to the house, colorful garlands for the walls or these beautiful Christmas socks. To make it even easier, we leave you links where you will find the instructions to create all those decorations.

Children’s gifts

Making gifts at Christmas is something that we all love, but those who enjoy it most certainly are children. For them, economic efforts are being made which are certainly worthwhile. However, not by giving them more gifts they will be happier. Because children should learn the meaning of Christmas gifts, something impossible if every year they receive more toys.

For children, it is advisable that they have no more than 3 or 4 gifts among the whole family. If they receive gifts from uncles and grandparents, at home they will only have one more gift. This way, they’ll be able to really enjoy what they wanted, rather than having a lot of things they won’t know how to choose from. For children’s gifts, do not forget to include stories and craft materials, they are inexpensive and enjoyed all year round.

El amigo invisible

For older people, the cheapest way to make gifts and everyone has their own, is through the invisible friend. In this way, you can make more special gifts because the whole budget is used in one person and everyone receives a good gift. The sooner the game among the elderly is proposed, the longer you will have to look for gifts.

Tricks to cut expenses in the Christmas menu

Menú de Nochebuena

Planning is essential to be able to save on food purchases for the Christmas menu. The longer you wait to buy food from dinners and special meals, the more expensive they will be. This year by anti-Covid safety regulations, tables will be less crowded than normal, but it is not necessary to spend more on food products.

In most houses are prepared a lot of dishes and an excess of food that sometimes can not be seized and ends up in the trash. In addition to being an unforgivable food waste, as there are many people going through food needs, it involves unnecessary economic expenditure. It is not necessary to give up such typical foods of each house, it is enough to better calculate the rations and prepare smaller dishes.

Christmas is not about spending, buying more food than next door, more gifts for children, better clothes or more expensive gifts. These dates are to give your time and company to the people you love the most. Especially in this difficult and atypical year that we are living, which has taught us how important it is to be able to embrace those we love the most.