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Baubles should not be part of children’s feeding under any circumstances, basically, because goodies do not feed. That is, such products and all their variants, are full of sugar, sodium and all sorts of unhealthy substances for the body. No bauble contains nutrients that can favor children’s diet, so they should always be taken occasionally.

Nothing happens because they ever take some treat, without abusing and whenever possible, it is homemade jelly. You can prepare them at home very simply, much healthier and appropriate for young children. In the link we leave you will find a very easy recipe, even children will be able to help you prepare their homemade jelly beans.

Tricks for children not to abuse baubles

However, however homemade they are, they do not cease to be an unhealthy candy that does not bring anything beneficial to health. So, the fewer baubles kids take much better. Because in addition, you will prevent it from becoming something addictive and that every day they ask you for gummies. Don’t miss these tips to prevent children from abusing baubles.

  1. Always in small portions: When you give baubles to children, use small containers to take the right amount. Forget about giving them the bag and letting them eat as many as they want, because the most likely thing is that they will pass by and end up with a good plunge. Use colorful bowls of a small size, so they will have the visual feeling that you have given them a lot. You can also cut them into portions, especially the baubles that are larger.
  2. To drink, always water: Baubles are very thirsty and children will ask you something to drink, even if they take little amount. When this happens, they should always drink water, milk or a natural fruit juice. Avoid sugar and carbonated drinks, which are often associated with the consumption of junk food, baubles and all kinds of unhealthy products.
  3. Don’t use baubles as a reward: Many times baubles and sweets are used as a prize when children behave well. You should avoid this behavior, as it causes nothing but a bad relationship with food. Children understand that if they behave well they receive a prize, that in this case it is a bauble, that is, they understand that baubles are good because they are a gift. As you see, a contradiction in itself that children will not be able to understand.
  4. Control your kids’ piggy bank: Kids sometimes get money from grandparents, uncles and other family members. That money that is usually told to be what they want for, is usually invested in unhealthy baubles and sweets. It’s okay for children to learn how to manage money from young, but in a responsible way. To do this, control your children’s piggy bank and help them choose what they want to spend their savings on.
  5. Alert family members: It also happens that it is family members who most consent to children and when they come to visit, they bring them candy, jelly beans and all kinds of baubles. You don’t need to forbid it, but you better warn them that they should not bring too much or at least they should give it to you for you to manage it.

Teach your children to eat well

Learning to eat everything is the best way to prevent them from getting used to taking baubles and other unhealthy products. Children do not miss things they do not know, so, the longer they take to try the baubles, much better for their health and above all, the longer they will take to ask to take them from time to time.

Moreover, taking a few baubles from time to time is not bad, it is not necessary to turn them into something demonic because in the end, for children it would be something more striking even. Choose the right moments to give kids baubles, such as Halloween, Christmas or birthday parties. But whenever possible, combine treats with other natural foods such as fruits, so you can at least counteract the effects of those less healthy products.