dia mundial naturaleza

World Nature Protection Day has been celebrated every 18 October for over 45 years. From a very young age we must educate children on environmental issues. They should know how to rationally use water, electricity, unplug household appliances when they are not in use, and use natural resources.

We give you some ideas to awaken in your children this love for nature, plants because they are living things, animals. We also remind you some important issues such as 3 Rs: reduce, recycle and reuse.

Things to do at home to conserve nature

Sometimes we can convey the idea that from home we can not contribute to conserving nature, nothing further from reality. Everyone and everyone from home can help protect her. We give you some ideas.

  • Use renewable energy sources. We may not be able to put solar panels or windmills in the house, but there are small lamps that work with solar power supplies. Children can have these lamps, leave them in the morning at school, and ready to perform their duties every night.
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse plastic, glass and all waste material with which new products can be created. It is good for boys and girls to learn how to recycle correctly.
  • If you have the possibility, encourage your children to have a vegetable garden. Maybe it’s urban, school or in the village of family members.
  • Carrying cloth bags to shopping is also a very valid stock so that there is not so much plastic. And you can also customize them, putting your initials or the photo of the pet.

These are just a few suggestions we give you, but there are many actions you can take to keep our planet clean and healthy.

How to develop the link with the nature of children

It seems that today, many boys and girls have lost the bond with nature enjoyed by previous generations. To protect, care and conserve nature it is essential that children resume this link with the natural environment. To do this, it is interesting that we put into practice the following ideas:

  • Take them for a walk through nature, beach, rivers, lakes, mountains, meadows, thanks to this contact curiosity and observation of children is enhanced. In nature, children learn and develop many skills and competencies, such as sensitivity, empathy, teamwork.
  • Care and respect for nature helps children to work responsibility, while strengthening their self-esteem. They will feel the protagonists, saviors, of what adults destroy.
  • It’s never too early to start working on environmental education. From the smallest childhood, they can already help us preserve nature. That is why our example is fundamental.

Games to conserve nature

To involve children in caring for the planet it is best to do it through play. As we have already mentioned, nature walks can be taken as a game, and even more so if we turn it into a gymkana with friends or family. Being inland or on the coast is the time not to abandon the waste that we have been able to generate, so as not to get involved in the ecosystems we visit.

The game of tracks is a very fun way to learn names of flowers, or plants, discover houses of insects or birds, or animal footprints. For the most specialists they can even distinguish the song of birds that are heard.

At home you can plant a chickpea or other legumes. You can even form a sprouted tray. So children will live the whole process of planting, watering and growing a plant.

We hope that these ideas will help you take care of nature, and remember that what is not known can not be loved, that is why it is so important that boys and girls learn to love it.