diario personal

diario personal

The importance of writing falls within the best ways to complete it with daily activities, and less than with a personal diary. The skill of writing a diary begins not only with writing but in knowing how to express emotions and know how to translate a set of consequences on paper.

We know how important writing correction is and that if not controlled from the beginning can have serious consequences on academic performance, that is why one of these elements of skill is vitally important in the use of a personal diary.

The age for them to begin to implant this task is at five or six years, hence it is ideal that they continue with that rhythm always, although there are stages how in adolescence age where they begin to use it as an activity.


important and most fundamental thing of all is to passionate children with reading and writing, they never have to take it as something boring, because by paying attention to their development, they recreate creativity and are offered a wide range of opportunities to know the vocabulary.

How to write a personal diary?

diario personal

The ideal age to encourage our children to write a diary is from the age of nine or ten. You can find a nice notebook to start using daily, although there are bookstores selling newspapers.

  • It is ideal for the child to start writing alone, quietly and quietly. To make it much more original than incorporating only texts we can encourage them to make drawings, paste photographs, objects or stickers.
  • You have to try to write it every day, if they do not do it nothing happens, but you should not miss its use on a regular basis. What he writes must be written for him, intimately. Parents should not correct or read what they have written, unless the child allows it and they can always start with the words “dear diary”.

What do you report writing a diary?

Children must transcribe what they have done that day, their daily problems, their memories, their ideas for the future , and all this reflects their emotions. It is a self-help to describe your positive and negative emotions and thus reassure your anxiety.

Following a routine and spending a few minutes a day will help them get to know each other and have more security. How the intention is to write what we have outlined makes them unconsciously learn to know themselves.

Benefits it brings

diario personal

  • It helps to organize ideas and thinking. It’s the way to try to think what you’re going to write and then represent it.
  • It makes the child endowe himself with what reality is and how his world is governed. You will more attentively observe the meaning of things and emotions.
  • It helps to get to know each other more like that. It is the other way of saying that it favors self-knowledge, because by wanting to write all their daily ideas and thoughts is helping them to manage how they are developing them and why of their emotions.
  • Power to have better memory. All memories will be kept inside that notebook as a great memory. All these memories will dissipate over time and re-reading them in a while will help to reremember those feelings that were there.
  • Creativity grows. You have to pull your own ingenuity to inspire all those ideas and facts. A diary can not only contain facts that have happened, but lists of fears, tastes and desires can be added. This will also serve as a tool for an improvement in making better personal decisions.