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I’m sure that at some family or friends parties your kids have asked you to try cocktails and alcoholic beverages. And it is difficult in society to get out of the magnetism of alcohol. But it is clear that neither children, nor teenagers should approach him. But as we say, it is difficult not to be tempted by the flavors, colors and smells of cocktails, even preparation is quite a ritual.

We want to give you a solution, and the next time your sons and daughters ask you to try a cocktail, you can say yes. It is the richest and nutritious non-alcoholic cocktails . And without neglecting the presentation!

Non-alcoholic fruit cocktails for the sweetest

One of the great advantages of cocktails is that almost everyone has fruit. You can mix acidic flavors with sweets, sweets with sweets, and they will be nutritious. The only thing you need to measure is the subject of sugar, try not to add too much.

  • Orange cocktail and forest fruits, a drink with antioxidant contributions, vitamin C and essential minerals. In a blender mix, 3 oranges, with a small glass of blueberry juice, another pineapple, or you can put pieces of natural pineapple, 1 large glass of orange juice, half a glass of strawberry juice, (natural strawberries also serve) crushed ice and mint. Mix all the ingredients with the mixer and thanks to the crushed ice you will get super cool.
  • San Francisco is a traditional cocktail, which can be prepared without alcohol, includes: pineapple juice, orange, lemon, half a glass of soda or sparkling water. And now to stir everything and decorate it nice, with a cherry and a slice of some of the fruits used to decorate.

Medium acidic and sweet cocktails

These cocktails also carry fruit, but they are not too sweet. Teens can be attracted to them, by that touch of exclusivity and exoticism, so don’t miss the opportunity to show it to your children.

  • Refreshing cocktail of coconut and mint, for 4 people, take: 4 cups of coconut water, you can buy it or get it from 2 fresh coconuts, a quarter of thinly sliced cucumber, half a cup of lemon juice and mint. Put in a bowl the slices of cucumbers with lemon juice. Then add the water from the coconuts to this cucumber maceration, mixing them without breaking the slices. Let it macerate for about 15 minutes, and you are ready to serve.
  • Cocktail Teide, which refers to the highest point in Spain. You need the juice of 4 bananas, 2 lime juices, 3 kiwi juice, 1 lemon, and mango syrup. In the shaker add the banana juice, kiwi, lime and mango syrup and stir everything. And to serve!
  • The last fruit cocktail we give you is very simple to prepare. You need to squeeze half a liter of apple juice, and the same amount of cranberry juice. Mix everything and add two liters of Ginger ale. And see who’s resisting!

Non-alcoholic cocktails for the most daring

Making a cocktail can be a fun way for your kids to drink vegetables. Yeah, you read it right. He will prepare them a non-alcoholic, very nutritious and vitaminized cocktails. The drawback is that you will need a blender.

  • Cabbage supercocktail, and its ingredients for 4 people are: 1 small white cauliflower, half green cabbage, 1 sprig of celery, 1 lemon,1 apple, 1 glass of water, 1 tablespoon of dried dulse seaweed. Extracts all the juice from vegetables and futa and mix it with water. Let it brew for at least 30 minutes, so that everything is softened. To decorate serve a fine slices of lemon and apple.
  • Citrus cocktail with tea, you can do it with rooibos. Ingredients: 1 cup orange juice, 1 cup tea, 1 cup instant lemonade, half cup white sugar, half a teaspoon cinnamon powder, 2 crushed cloves. Mix everything and store it for 24 hours in the fridge. When you are going to prepare the cocktail, by water to boil. In each glass put half of the mixture and the other half of boiling water, and stir. To decorate you can use orange slices.