The diary of pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in the woman’s life, also for men of course, but it is the mother who undergoes countless physical and emotional changes throughout the pregnancy. Write down each of these changes and feelings will help you to be aware of how your life and mindset are changing as time goes by.

Therefore, keeping a pregnancy diary is a great idea for all women who are going through this beautiful and exciting stage. In addition to serving as therapy during the waiting months, you will be able to check your diary past time and discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know. Because the feelings that are experienced when a woman is pregnant, are unrepeatable even for the same woman in different pregnancies.

What is the pregnancy diary

The pregnancy diary is a way to record each of the changes, emotions and important moments experienced throughout the gestation period. In it, you can include from the pregnancy test with which you started this exciting adventure, the first ultrasound or how you feel physically and emotionally at each of the stages of your pregnancy.

You can do it the way you prefer, as a blog on the Internet to share your experience with other mothers. Although the most exciting way and the one that will accompany you throughout your life, it will be using a beautiful notebook or a journal that you can carefully review and store among your most precious belongings. When choosing the paper to make the pregnancy diary, you can decorate the notebook yourself, add photos, annotations after a while etc.

Where to start

You may not be very clear where to start your pregnancy diary, here are some ideas:

  • Start at the beginning: Even if it’s your own diary, you should start by introducing yourself. Add data like your name, and even your nickname if you have it right now. Your age at the time you get pregnant, also physical data such as your height, weight, or the size you wear before you become pregnant. Soon you’ll see how all this data is changing and having them written down will be a way to remind you what you were like before you were a mother.
  • Write your feelings: Many women are afraid or modesty when it comes to expressing their feelings or emotions during pregnancy. This is because, most people tend to idealize pregnancy and forget about the tremendous hormonal changes. Changes that produce unknown and unexpected feelings, many of them negative. Do not be afraid of these feelings, they are more common than you can think. Write in your pregnancy diary how you feel, after a while you will be able to read it and you will realize that everything was normal and has already passed.
  • Photographs of the evolution of pregnancy in your body: There is nothing more beautiful than the body of a pregnant woman, becauseinside it is creating a life and that is incomparable. Photograph your body every week, so you’ll have graphical documentation of how your body changed to accommodate your child.

Curiosities, cravings and other symptoms

Go completing your pregnancy diary little by little, as you learn relevant data about your baby’s development. Your doctor will give you information in each of your checkups, but you can also use the information you will find at Mothers Hoy about the changes that occur during pregnancy. So, you’ll be able to complete your diary with lots of interesting facts.

Your diary will also serve as a schedule, as you can write down the many medical appointments you will have over the next few weeks. After each review, don’t forget to note how you felt about each of the new things, such as ultrasound images or hearing your baby’s heart for the first time. All of them are unique feelings and moments, which by saving in your diary, will accompany you throughout your life on this wonderful and difficult path of motherhood.