tiempo individual

tiempo individual

Children should have their own space so that this way You’ll get them to fight less. To do this, the first step is to create individualized rest zones at home. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, being quarantined means that children will get tired of each other. You can give children their own spaces for the times when they just need a break.

Even in small homes, you can still find a way to create an individualized place for each child. If your children have their own rooms, create a rest point in a corner.

Individual seating areas

If you share a room, it can be a place next to the chest of drawers or in front of the bed. They could also be in your room or under the kitchen table. The goal is to make sure that it is a safe space, that it is only for a child and that it is accessible anytime they need a rest. If you have cozy materials (cushions, stuffed animals, blankets) – even better!

When your kids start to get frustrated with each other, remind them about their rest areas. Remember, it’s a positive break, not a waiting time. Do not send your children there when they are angry, rather, gently ask them if they would like a break. You can say something like, “You seem frustrated right now, do you want to take your teddy bear and relax in your special place until you feel happier?”

Individual parents-to-child time schedule

Meeting your child’s attention and connection needs will help reduce sibling tension and enable them to better control frustration and stress. The attention they need from you right now includes real physical attention as well as emotional attention.

If you have a baby that needs a lot of care, create time blocks for older children when the baby is napping. If your children are older, plan time blocks with a child when your other children participate in their favorite activities. Have a child watch a program while playing one game with another. Have a child eat a snack while reading a book with another. It’s okay if they only spend a few minutes together, as long as each child has time to be alone with their parents.