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Creating routines and habits in children since they are very young, is key and essential when it comes to instill a series of values as important as responsibility or obedience. A child who has good routines in his day to day will develop much better than another child who does not have them.

Parents are responsible for establishing these routines and habits from the first months of the child’s life.

When to establish routines to the child

Routines should be established before the first year of the baby. Otherwise, the child will acquire bad habits that over time will be difficult to change. Children should know at all times that following a series of routines daily will help them grow optimally and accept a number of values that are essential in life.

The importance of routines in children

There are many benefits and advantages of establishing routines in children’s day-to-day routine:

  • Young people are much more organized and responsible.
  • Routines favor children’s independence and autonomy.
  • The little ones feel more confident and calm.
  • Discipline and obedienceare values that are learned when it comes to following a series of routines.
  • Routines should be established in the areas of food, hygiene and sleep. To prevent everything from becoming very monotonous and boring it is important to interspersing moments of play between these routines.

Difference between habits and routines

The habit is not the same as routine since each has its characteristics:

Habit allows a person to develop a series of skills in their day to day. Unlike routine, the habit is flexible and can be modified. It is nothing more than a type of behavior or attitude that entails different learning patterns. Habit is something that is acquired through a good education on the part of parents.

On the contrary, routine is a type of activity that is done daily and regularly and helps the child develop as a person. An example would be brushing your teeth after eating or hanging clothes when you arrive from class.

What are the best routines for children

a number of routines that parents should establish in front of their children:

  • In relation to feeding, children should eat at the same time and establish a space for it. This way you can not bite between hours and should be eaten in the place indicated for it.
  • It is essential to follow a good bedtime routine to ensure that the child does not have problems with rest and sleep. Parents should establish a routine for them to go to sleep at the same time. It is essential to avoid certain stimuli before going to bed as is the case of watching TV or playing with your phone.
  • The subject of the studies is another in which there is a number of routines to be established. Parents should set a time during the day for the little one to do his classwork. This ensures that over the years, the child organizes and does such duties smoothly.
  • The routine in the toilet is just as important as in eating or at bedtime. Children should know that they have to brush their teeth after eating or washing their hands several times a day. It is also advisable to carry a routine regarding the bathroom.

In short, establishing routines or habits in children is essential in their education. There are many benefits and advantages of establishing such routines in the child’s daily life.