Children when they are young and up to 6 years old greatly expand their vocabulary. So they can get it, they need their parents to talk to them a lot and read stories to them. But another way to do it is playing and having a good time together.

So that you can play with your children and that thanks to that you can help them increase their vocabulary, let’s tell you a game called “Once Upon a Time”. In addition to helping your children expand their words, also have a great time with your family.

Once upon a time

Inventing stories is a great way to develop vocabulary, as well as creativity and imagination. There are 3 ways to invent a story:

  1. For younger children, use a storybook they’ve heard before. Browse the story and take turns to “tell” the story on each page. Your child will remember part of the story for having heard it before and will use the images on the page as clues.
  2. Use a story with pictures that your child hasn’t heard before and browse through, taking turns to invent the story by interpreting the images. Follow your child’s example and continue the story from his interpretation, as you bring new ideas and image-based events
  3. Invent a story without a book. This is a great game for car or bedtime. Make up a start, like “Once upon a time there was a bear in the jungle.” In turns, add one line to the story at a time. You can play this game anywhere, but the best place is while driving. It’s a great game to learn nouns and think fast.

Which of the three ways to play do you like best to have a good time with your family? It will be great and your kids will increase their vocabulary!