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We’ve all had that teacher or teacher who meant so much to us. Our children must also go through this experience, the role of teachers in children is imperative. We know that a bad teacher influences them as much as a good one, and he can even determine whether or not they want to go to school. Parents are aware that education begins and remains at home, but we should not ignore the role of these professionals.

Today is International Teacher’s Day, but curiously it is only celebrated today in Spain. The rest of the countries have World Teachers’ Day. Be that as it may, it is always good to remember and extol the important work of the teacher in children.

Essential role of teachers and parents

Depending on what age, when schooling occurs and children are growing up, some parents begin to consider that the duty to educate children belongs to teachers. Clearly it’s not like that. The school has a job of providing knowledge, but also values, attitudes, and so on, and these principles must be strengthened in the family. It’s a joint effort.

Education in school must have the added value of professionalism. Trained teachers, who also like children, know about child development and are sensitive. Children’s professionals must have the greatest motivating and emotional disposition to be able to relate to children.

In the following stages the role of the teacher moves towards that of mediator. It must provide knowledge, but also provide the tools and skills for children to access that knowledge. None of these stages should be exempt from the role of parents and families.

The role of teachers in learning according to different theories

There are different theories in which the teacher is treated as part of learning. From the cognitive point of view, the role of the teacher is to empower the boy or girl. So teachers will have to teach to think or teach to learn, through the development of strategic skills. Here the teacher or teacher has as its main function to prepare the class, act as a mediator between the student and the culture.

In constructivist conception, learning is given by an interaction between the student’s knowledge and the new information that comes to him. Through research, the child will integrate contributions from ordinary and scientific knowledge. Therefore the teacher no longer has such an active role, but the child does need to resort to him for such practical activity. The teacher needs to have knowledge of science, humanities, technology, and also be an organizer,

In humanistic theory, the essential role of the teacher in children is the personal relationship that is formed. It is essential that the teacher feel empathy for the student, so that he can assist him in all problems that arise in relation to learning, and taking into account his freedom to create, innovate, apply and criticize. Generally, the relationship between them will be of mutual respect.

How does the teacher feel his role in education?

All these theories, and others that we haven’t been able to share, remain on that, in theory. But the reality is that the different education systems, the experiences of parents, students and teachers make up everyday life. It is the pupils who, mainly, suffer the consequences of frustrated, exhausted, routine teachers. And in the same way, they are the most benefited by professionals who are active and motivators.

Some of the common problems that Spanish teachers who are reflected in classrooms may be, the non-assessment by the authorities and representatives of society, inadequate interpersonal relations within the school, not only with other teachers, but with parents’ associations and mothers, and perceive discrepancies between the values of the education system and those that exist in society.

In the new profile of the 21st century teacher, which mothers and fathers should help foster, is based on a personal relationship with each of his students. A relationship of trust, in which you can ask all kinds of questions and information flows in both directions. And this same relationship must be established with the family.