vestido de nica bautizo

If you like religious ceremonies and you are in favor of baptizing your child , the baptism costume must be the right one to make a beautiful baby turn out.

There are parents who want to baptize their children when they are somewhat older, however, on any occasion, the child, will be very handsome in the perfect outfit.

The most classic and durable through the times are skirts, here it does not matter the sex of the baby, both boys and girls can wear them equally. These skirts consist of a kind of long dress, usually made with delicate fabrics or hand embroidered. They can be accompanied by a hat, stockings and shoes and the right colors are white and pearl.

If your style is more fashionable, your baby will look just as beautiful with any outfit. If it is a boy, then with a romper she will be gorgeous, if it is a girl a cute dress will turn her into a princess.

You do not have to always wear white to a child at his christening, you can choose pink for girls or blue for boys or some beige for either.

Some recommended shops in different parts of the world are:

Alicia Nfants (Madrid).

First Age (Spain Online).

Greek Baptisms (United Kingdom).

Nana Luna (Lima-Peru)

Periquita (Lima-Peru)

Pam-Pam Menetes (Catalonia)

Cocomiel (Argentina)

Anywhere in the world, a baby will be very nice on the day of his christening, it all depends on your style, comfort… make sure that clothes are always Made of 100% cotton, it is better for babies, will make you feel more comfortable and cooler or warmer, depending on the time of year.