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trucos dormir bien embarazo calor

When the belly of the Pregnancy begins to grow sleep can become quite a nightmare, especially in the last pregnancy. Finding a comfortable position can be quite an Odyssey.

There is actually a position that is better than any other for you to sleep during pregnancy and that you also feel comfortable as long as the rest lasts.

The left side

Sleeping on the right side is not a good option because there is the vena cava which is the major vein in the body that circulates with a significant flow of blood. When a pregnant woman lies on the left side, this weight pressure in the vein is avoided and blood flow to the placenta is encouraged and increased oxygen and nutrients are provided for the baby.

Ideally, when lying in bed on the left side, keep the same direction and angle between your shoulders and hip to keep your muscles and spine relaxed. Although there are no studies that can claim that sleeping on the right side is bad for the baby, it is known that sleeping on the left side is a better option by far for the pregnant woman and her baby.


your back is not an option

If you lie while pregnant on your back, you will not feel comfortable and the weight of the uterus will fall on your back, intestines, and inferior vena cava. Sleeping in this position can cause your back to hurt, have digestive problems (constipations), hemorrhoids… It can even be dangerous during the last trimester of pregnancy if it is a risky pregnancy.

If you find it hard to sleep because of the size of your belly, remember that pillows are your best ally and if you put them between your legs you can feel greater comfort.