Métodos para enseñar a leer a los niños

Methods for teaching children to read

Poetry is not old. Poetry books for children are a great way to start them into the world of reading, and instill in them a love of books. The editions of children’s poetry are very visual, and with simple and very musical poems, so that children can learn, repeat them and play with them, if you have read well, play, because after all what are riddles? Well, poetry.

If your kids get close to poetry, they’ll have a lot of cattle. Reading will be easier, more enjoyable and you will discover an art in the use of language. We recommend some of the books that can help you introduce them into poetry.

Great poets with poetry books for children

We all remember Gloria Fuertes, she has done a lot for different generations to approach poetry from a very young age. Although the poet is no longer with us, they have kept her children’s poetry books, and they’re still wonderful. You can start your children in reading, or listening to poetry with:

  • Fried verses, a compilation of small stories written in verse, accompanied by fantastic illustrations so that the little ones can better understand what they are reading.
  • My first book about Gloria is a collection of poetry, which has the advantage of having a CD. So the children of the house will listen to the writer and her peculiar way of reciting.
  • Antonio Machado for children, is a book illustrated by Teo Puebla, in which the poetry that the writer dedicated to children are collected.
  • 12 poems by Federico García Lorca, illustrated by Gabriel Pacheco of Kalandraka, is an excellent way to bring Lorca’s wonderful and intimate poetry to the little ones.

Poetry for children who treat emotions

Poetry, both for adults and children, has the ability to connect us with emotions.

  • La suerte changes la vida is a poetry book written by Javier España, Hispanoamericano Prize for Poetry for Children. With these children’s poems children will connect with such feelings as joy, memory, sadness.
  • My first book of poetry is an anthology of Spanish and Latin American poets with poetry from yesterday and today selected by José Luis Ferris. With these poems boys and girls learn to express what they feel, and identify emotions. As the book says, poets help because they are magicians who turn feelings into fantastic verses.
  • Verses de buenas noche is a compilation of children’s poetry that aims to allow parents and children to share a magical moment every night. It is a very special book full of tenderness and beautiful illustrations.

Books of poetry to learn

Poetry can also help our sons and daughters learn, from colors, numbers, alphabet and other issues. That’s what these books are about.

  • Abezoo, by the authors Carlos Reviejo and Javier Aramburu, is an alphabet of animals with which to discover the world of lyrics and poetry. It is a book of poetry for children, which combines poetry, animals and the lyrics with which it begins.
  • Verses to tell is an illustrated poetry book with which the child will discover the world of numbers and get acquainted with poetry. It is packed with very funny number poems for boys and girls. It helps them memorize easily and is ideal to introduce them to certain cultural or historical topics.
  • Versos del bosque is a book for first readers, recommended until age 5. He has 30 poems about life in the forest, its plants and animals. Its author is Carlos Reviejo and the illustrations are by Jesús Gabán Bravo.

With these recommendations we hope we have opened your gift options. Poetry for children always brings benefits, it is a window to a world of fantasy, creativity and imagination.