ropa para embarazadas

In these days when there are applications for everything, they could not miss apps that help you to better track your pregnancy, and they are also very useful! Thanks to these app you will not only be able to carry a control of your own pregnancy, but also, consult other issues such as the most beautiful names, for boy or girl, tips for decorating the room, postpartum exercises and more questions you need to solve.


can find these apps for IOS and Android. The truth is that Windows versions have been harder to find them, but there are. They are usually free, some of them are developed by brands of children’s products, but there are others for payment.

Applications for comprehensive monitoring of pregnancy

Be clear that any of these applications is not a substitute for your doctor, but the information you collect from them can help you explain your symptoms or reactions. We pass to name you some of the best known and useful:

  • Pregnancy Plus, it serves to make yourself a follow-up of pregnancy. It includes videos in which to watch the development of the baby, tips on nutrition, massage, postures. It has the option to schedule appointments, write a diary, tasks to be done, It also offers kick counter, contractions timer and a record of mother’s weight. It is only available on iOS. You have an Android version called Pregnancy+.
  • BabyCenter. My pregnancy and my baby day by day is one of the best known applications. What makes it so interesting is the forum for future moms and dads. There are communities classified by the month in which the baby is scheduled to be born, so you are all going through the same stage.
  • Gestogram and pregnancy calculator is what its name indicates. A tool for calculating your pregnancy stage, and even the most likely date of delivery. You also have information about pregnancy week by week.
  • Pregnantis is an applicationcreated by gynecologists , in order to accompany women during their pregnancy. It is a way to prevent you from feeling lonely and resolve your concerns when they arise, thus avoiding the uncertainty that is generated.

App with specific topics for pregnant women

Within the wide range of applications for pregnant women we want to point out three:

  • Menu for pregnant women. This application will help you to bring a healthy and balanced diet throughout your pregnancy. It is organized by weekly menus: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner and for each day of the week. You’ll have plenty of tips on very nutritious foods for pregnancy and a calculator that will help you know if you’re gaining your weight.
  • Fit moms, developed by coach Kaisa Tuominen. It includes exercises depending on the different stages of pregnancy, including the preparatory ones for the time of childbirth. It is available free of charge for iOS on The App Store.
  • My new baby is not so much an app as a game to care for a pregnant woman, knitting clothes for the baby or decorate the bedroom. It has more than 20 activities, which will make your pregnancy more bearable.

Paid applications to follow pregnancy

As we mentioned at the beginning, not all the apps you can download are free, some have a cost. For example:

  • Pregnancy progress, developed by AESOP. It serves to keep track of your baby’s health and growth. You can ask your doctor to share with you the studies, and checks he has done to you. That’s the record of your entire pregnancy. It has a cost of 1.99 euros in The App Store.
  • Ipregnant, has afree version and a deluxe version. It is available only for iOS. And in addition to providing you with information about the different stages of pregnancy, and customizing notices, it allows you to store information about a past pregnancy along with current information. So you can compare them.
  • If you are a member of Sanitas this has a specific application to monitor your pregnancy. that allows you to see the baby in three dimensions, almost as if you were having a 3D ultrasound!