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Cold weeks come and baby warm clothes, seems to be a prevailing necessity in every closet. However, the big brands of clothing for babies and children, have launched an offer so far forgotten. This is the emblematic knitted outerwear. The same, are no less than the always well-weighted garments for babies, woven with natural wool, to methods as artisanal as the two needles.

This type of garment has wide advantages over other similar ones. First of all, garments knitted to two needles, have the ease of combination of colors of choice. Being able to buy wool in the shades of preference, you can knit various sets, in the desired chromatic shades.

Another advantage of woven clothingis that it can be tailored to the child’s body and therefore be much more comfortable and provide warmth tailored to the child’s needs. In addition, the previous selection of a conducive yarn will ensure the necessary warmth before the raw winter.

A proposal that is renewed, but promises to provide the same satisfaction and quality as industrial clothing.