La televisión

Television is the favorite entertainment of our society. It is currently being replaced by the management of the internet with its applications and social networks, but we can still find an increasingly expanded television grid with a variety of programs, for all types of audiences and of great news.

The TV

Can we reaffirm that television entertainment has to be at odds with education or the values they can transmit to us? It is a statement that may be very questioned, since according to various interviews most people think that television has a bad influence on the population, and then internet and social networks.

Television as a means of communication

Values try to be transmitted so that they are understood by different cultures. At least that type of hypothesis has come to question and a homogenization has been concluded throughout its communication.

Everything is depending on the country of origin, there are places where there is an exhaustive control of what children can see. In some countries parents may limit viewing hours to a little more than hours, and in others their viewing hours have been doubled.

La televisión

The television is profiled so that its viewing is consumed especially by very select people. Teen girls choose to watch shows or movies where characters they like appear and where they can gossip. Teenage boys are looking for entertainment programs, leisure, sports and especially in humor, a much more attractive variety as consumers.

What values does television generally offer us?

For our society television is not still a correct means of communication. Many cross television with little cautious values, because being something that transmits and engages you can thus have a viewer easy to transform. Behind all this is manipulation controlled by political groups and media companies.

Among these unorthodox values we find consumerism, meritocracy, escapism, where it has a tendency to circumvent responsibilities and avoid the important problems that really exist. Hedonism, where its purpose is to engage and give pleasure and also incite gambling.

But all this can be much more selective by putting us to see something much more selective. We can not forget the advertising world, where there are many companies that try to create an aesthetic quality in their advertising and recreating many of them surprise, commotion and originality. From this point of view, the advertising issue we can not avoid it.

La televisión

TV series and movies

TV series for young people have changed a lot in recent years. Only those are designed to reach a large number of people, and for this they must meticulously take care of their scripts. Within his scripts already try to create real and humorous scenes for entertainment. But they are not neglecting the value of friendship, companionship, caring for the environment, human values and commitment to our society.

For children, animated series take great prominence and reflect much of those values that we have to take care of. There will always be series with great communication and engagement, some more than others and we can see it as an example in Dora la Exploradora, where we were able to enhance all the good qualities that this series has.

Animated and non-animated films also convey their full potential. They are very studied and very careful films so that they can be viewed many times and all their positive messages can be studied. We can see it in Disney films with outstanding values such as respect, family, friendship, love, care for the environment… all of them as an example to educate children in values.

We must not forget that there are also other alternatives for the education of our children through television, documentaries about animals teach them love and respect for nature, educational programs with workshops to increase their creativity or even technique of some video games so that they learn something positive.